Neighbourhood Learning Platform Helps Brits Build Stronger Communities

Neighbourhood learning is given a 21st century revamp this month with the launch of a forward thinking enterprise called Didasco. Armed with the philosophy that ‘there’s a teacher for that’ the organisation aims to spark curiosity, empower people with new skills and create strong and dynamic communities of shared knowledge.

At its core Didasco is designed to help the community connect with skilled individuals living in their local area. There is a focus on non-academic one-off lessons that inspire attendees to take up a new hobby, meet members of the local community and of course, have a great time. Not only do skilled individuals have a chance to share their knowledge but they can also make cash while they’re at it.

Communities are an incredibly important part of building strong and collaborative nations. Yet according to the latest statistics from the Cabinet Office Community Life Survey 70% of people felt a strong sense of belonging to their neighbourhood in 2013/14. While this is not a shockingly low figure it does represent an 8% drop from the 2012/13 period.  So why is neighbourly love dwindling? Hectic lives, inter-racial hostility and a growing obsession with technology are just some of the factors that could be affecting the growth of tightknit communities across the UK. Didasco is helping the nation get back on track with its community minded platform that harnesses individual skills and uses them to benefit the entire community.

Yannis Piperakis, founder and Director of Didasco, said, “Didasco is so much more than a platform where people can take advantage of affordable lessons. It’s designed to strengthen communities, empower the local population, create incomes and help people connect with their neighbours.”

Forget expensive cookery classes, music lessons and art workshops. With Didasco the entire neighbourhood can enjoy expert education for a fraction of the cost. The platform builds on the rapidly blossoming success of the ‘sharing economy’ which has spread its wings to everything from accommodation and taxi rides to high end couture hire and eating out. Didasco is powered entirely by the public and is open to lessons of all shapes and sizes. Plumbing, Excel tutorials, yoga, dancing, music production, cooking, weight management and Photoshop are just some of the arts people can learn to master.

Joining the Didasco community is easy.  For teachers, the purpose built platform offers a step by step guide to setting up beautiful lesson overviews and engaging in discussions with potential students. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing the in-house team supports teachers in creating captivating lessons and using hyper-local online campaigns to market tutorials in their local area.

To encourage communities to get involved Didasco is currently running a series of special promotions. New teachers enjoy their first 5 bookings commission free while students will receive 20% off their first booking.

To find out more about Didasco, browse the diverse range of lessons on offer and sign up for a unique one-off tutorial, visit:





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Tel UK: 01623 428996

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Inspired by a love of learning, Didasco is an online platform helping create stronger communities by organising non-academic one-off lessons. Lessons fall into a myriad of categories, from cooking, music and art to yoga, technology and health. Users simply browse lessons online, sign up for a session that captures their attention and enjoy a face to face session with a local expert.