Never Be Late for an Appointment Again with Intuitive Alarm Clock App, InTime

World’s smartest wake-up call, InTime, uses location services, GPS navigation and traffic updates to ensure lateness is a thing of the past 

Introducing InTime – a game-changing new alarm clock app with the ability to wake you up in time for any meeting, appointment or flight. The intuitive app can take any appointment from your calendar and set your alarm accordingly, taking travel time and other factors into account, to ensure you’ll always arrive right in time – and not a minute later.

By analysing your current location, your destination, your planned arrival time, the current traffic levels and any accidents, the app can intuitively set an alarm that will ensure you’ll wake up with plenty of time to spare. With a countdown timer that alerts users when they’ll have to leave home in order to make their appointment, InTime is the next-generation alarm clock for the millennial generation.

Jorn munnik, Owner and creator of the inTime InTime, says, “Today’s modern professional requires an alarm clock that responds to their needs. Not everyone nowadays wakes up at the same time and makes the same journey to work every day – entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultant, sales people and those doing casual work often have very varied schedules that require an intuitive, adaptable alarm clock.

 “That’s where InTime comes in. We wanted to develop an alarm clock that would respond to the demands of the modern user’s life – and we think InTime certainly fits that brief. If you regularly find yourself late for appointments, rushing through security at airports or apologising for showing up late to brunch, InTime is the perfect companion app for your busy lifestyle.”

Users can select any appointment from their smartphone calendar, and the app will do all of the legwork. It will calculate what time the user will need to wake up, leaving appropriate time to dress and have breakfast. InTime then sends an alert when the user should be leaving the house, taking into account things like traffic, weather, the time it takes to park the car and the time it might take to walk from the car park to the final destination.

InTime also comes with a built-in GPS navigation system link that is pre-filled for the user– so getting lost or being unable to find a certain building is no longer an excuse for the perennially late.

Available from the App Store, InTime is totally free to download and use – making it an invaluable resource for modern individuals that need a little help arriving for their appointments on time.

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