New Adventure App CA$HTree helps users play for cash

The Walter Needs Help Adventures Limited Series has debuted the first game in the chain, CA$HTree, available for download and purchase at the i-AOS and Android Marketplace. Released July 7th, the game is already establishing a firm fan base, encouraging users of the app to play for cash prizes.

Available on iPhones and iPads, the app can be downloaded for free with various In-App upgrades available for purchase. Gamers are provided with monthly cash incentives and a leader board scoring system, ensuring that whether the free app or purchasable upgrades are played, cash prizes are rewarded monthly for those who accumulate the highest scores. Winnings are securely processed via PayPal.

Extra life versions of the app are purchasable for $1 (69p) with higher cash incentives, ranging from $10 for the 1 Extra Life Version up to $40 for the 4 Extra Life Version. Those who choose to play the free install are able to win $5. The lives purchased include the life automatically provided on the free version, so players that purchase 4 extra lives will end up playing with 5, ensuring that they are able to efficiently progress through the game and maximise the opportunity to win cash prizes. Players are also automatically awarded extra lives at two varying points in their progress through the game; once when $250 is reached and again when $500 is totalled.

The purpose of the game is to guide protagonist Walter through a series of obstacles in order to accumulate falling cash. Obstacles include bird muck, birds’ nests, beehives and lightning (obstacles which must be successfully sidestepped) and pesky squirrels and chirpy chickens which must be jumped over by tapping the screen. Every time Walter makes contact with an obstacle, he loses a life. Further complications include jumping through the day, night and throughout varying seasons and bouts of weather.

The free app gives players just one chance to catch as much cash as possible. The purchasable options maximise the opportunities for the player to rack up the highest score, earn a place for themselves on the leader board and win the cash prize.

A spokesperson for CA$HTree says, “We believe that CA$HTree is a really exciting new concept. It’s very simple to grasp the plot and controls and is highly addictive! It’s a great way to pass the time when you are on the train to work or waiting for your friends to turn up. It’s a fun, enjoyable little game that also gives people a good reason to keep playing – if you hit the high scores you can win cash regardless of whether you play the free or purchased versions so you don’t need to spend any money to get a reward. You just need to be a good dodger, sidestepper and jumper in order to guide Walter around the obstacles! Practice makes perfect and on your iPhone or iPad you can conveniently play anywhere, anytime.”

For those that don’t own iPhones or iPads, the game can also be played online.

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About Walter Needs Help Adventure Limited:

Walter Needs Help Adventure Limited is a new adventure app series chronicling the story of the protagonist Walter and his quest for cash. The game can be downloaded for free or upgraded by purchasing extra life versions that maximise the players’ potential to gain a place on the leader board and win monthly cash prizes.