New app with daily science-backed mindfulness sessions set to aid smokers kicking the habit

With a unique combination of mindfulness techniques and scientific research a new app launches this week to help smokers give up cigarettes for good. Lifeboat is an innovative take-anywhere solution which offers users inspiring daily sessions and tasks to help them kick the habit, anytime and anyplace.

Lifeboat’s research suggests that just a quarter of smokers that attempt to kick the habit are successful six weeks after the quit date. On average it also takes smokers four attempts to give up cigarettes before they find success or stop trying. Lifeboat’s goal is to improve these numbers, working towards a 50% success rate for users completing its two-part program.

The unique design of the app means Lifeboat subscribers have a daily audio session with a personal coach each morning. The sessions focus on mindfulness and giving smokers motivation they can utilize once they give up tobacco. The program will also give actionable tasks that can be completed throughout the day, all designed to improve confidence, self-esteem and break routines.

The easy to use interface and design of the app means that users can effortlessly track their progress and see how they are working towards their end goal of giving up cigarettes for good.

Lifeboat integrates a number of scientific findings with mindfulness sessions – this is unique to the app. This means that both withdrawal symptoms arising from quitting smoking and cravings are among the issues the developers considered when creating the program.

Roeland Pater, founder of Lifeboat said, “Quitting smoking is a complex challenge that many struggle with and that’s why we felt it was important that our program was based on scientific studies. By incorporating the findings of these into the Lifeboat app we’re improving the chances of success. We also wanted to ensure users are supported every step of the way, even when they face cravings and other obstacles.

 “A British Doctors Study estimates that worldwide, current cigarette smoking levels will cause 450 million premature deaths in the next 50 years. The Lifeboat app aims to help cut this terrifying figure and could make a real difference to success rates for those wanting to kick the habit.”

The difficulty that smokers face when they attempt to quit is well known and many struggle when they simply go cold turkey. The Lifeboat app is split into two distinct sections to overcome this, with the initial 15-day Pre-Quit focusing on building up motivation and working with users in preparation for ‘Life Day’ – the day they quit smoking.

Once users have had their final cigarette they are then supported with daily audio sessions for an additional 30 days to ensure success.

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Lifeboat is an extensive support program that takes the quitter from cold turkey into a well prepared attempt to quit smoking. Lifeboat works closely with researchers, health professionals and other eHealth companies to constantly increase the efficiency of the app.



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