New Bio-Engineered Skincare Range set to Shake up Anti-Ageing Market

A new range of plant based, made-to-order skincare designed for women and men has launched with an exciting, dynamic assortment of anti-ageing products. As a brand new made-to-order, age defying skincare range, Lucis Aureus fuses the ingenuity and knowledge of botanists, dermatologists and geneticists.  Furthermore, a percentage of profits from the range is given directly to projects and charities for vulnerable women and children.

Utilising natural plant extracts and bio-engineered ingredients and merging these with concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes, the range concentrates on eradicating a range of skin and age-related ailments.

Promoting youthful, refreshed, radiant skin, the Lucis Aureus range can drastically transform common complaints such as wrinkles, age spots, rosacea, large pores, acne and blemishes. The collection of pioneering products include enzyme exfoliators, hand creams, plumping anti-wrinkle creams and skin firming treatments as well as whitening lotions and men’s anti-aging skincare.

Kim Marchand, Product Development Manager says, “We live in an image conscious, youth obsessed world where women - and an ever increasing number of men -crave treatments that enable them to look and feel youthful and confident. There is always the ‘next big thing’ in anti-aging but our products are different because they fuse together organic solutions with scientific breakthroughs. When these two meet, the ideal skincare range is born.”

In addition to offering revolutionary anti-ageing results, the Lucis Aereus skincare range is vegan-friendly, as no products are tested on animals.  The company also appeals to the conscious consumer; a percentage of all money acquired from each sale is passed on to charities benefiting vulnerable women and children, to ensure each purchase goes further to help the community than other alternatives.

The company ethically sources plant materials such as tree bark, orchids, plant stems, Alerce tree sap, red algae and seaweed from a wide range of exotic territories including Japan, Mauritius, Cameroon, Costa Rica and Brazil. They have racked up a total of 208,726 air miles, spanning five continents, to locate high quality, authentic, youth boosting ingredients. Its experts then expand their knowledge of all ingredients by communicating with locals, using their thousands of years of expertise to ensure they are using the authentic natural substances in the best way.

The refreshing range has been bestowed with God-like signatures, including ‘Light of Hera anti-wrinkle cream’ and ‘Path of Zeus men’s anti-aging cream’ emphasising pampering, privileged products that are easily affordable to all.

One happy customer, Katrina, aged 51 from London said, “It’s as if the products were the final piece in the puzzle.” Customers benefit from free worldwide shipping with a 180 money back guarantee. Their team of qualified dermatologists offer free advice around the clock for those who wish to enquire about products best suited to resolve their ailment.

Having custom made bespoke products for secret celebrity clients and socialites, the company seeks to bring younger, healthier skin to all. Ms Marchand adds, “Beautiful skin should not just be for the rich and famous. Skin is the body’s largest organ and everyone’s lifestyle reflects differently in their skin. Someone with acne and wrinkles or rosacea and sagging jowls needs personalised treatments to focus on different areas. Most products on the market offer a one-size-fits-all approach, but our range takes the individual, not the herd into account.”

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About Lucis Aureus: Founded in Germany, Lucis Aureus translates to ‘light gold’, words chosen because they reflect the company’s desire to represent the highest ideals. With combined expertise in genetics, dermatology, burns trauma and working as military medical consultants, the company wanted to manufacture an alternative to heavily chemicalised products that harmed the skin. Working with botanists, dermatologists and geneticists, they have created a range of cutting edge products to promote healthy, youthful skin whilst also soothing common ailments.