Stories of young tech entrepreneurs creating global companies are nothing new, and with London’s tech scene starting to rival that of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, there are many tech start-ups in the capital beginning to rival America’s tech giants. One such site soaring up the global rankings is London based tech company

Barely two years old, the site boasts over 35,000 registered content creators with hundreds more signing up everyday. The site is quickly growing with a current average of 1,100,000 monthly unique visitors and strong backing from high-ranking investors such as Simon Thorpe, early investor of Swiftkey (acquired by Microsoft for $250,000,000).

Founded by a trio of young, recent Cambridge graduates Daniel Gennaoui 23, Francesco Facca 25 and Alex Hughes 25, the site uses an innovative new concept called collaborative blogging, separating bloggers into themed segments known as Spheres to allow readers to find content within their interests.

Led by renowned angel investor Simon Thorpe, Niume raised its first seed round of £170,000 in May 2015. The round was completed in the investor-led crowd funding platform Syndicate Room where Niume hit its target in less than a week, making it one of the fastest rounds to have been completed by the platform.

Interest in the start-up and confidence in its success have resulted in a second funding round currently standing at over £250,000 pledged by investors. With more still being added to the money pool, it is likely the Shoreditch based start-up will close the round with a higher amount.

It is thought that over 152 million blogs exist online and more than 1.13 million blog posts are uploaded every day. Because of such a large volume, it is difficult for most bloggers to rise above the noise crowding the internet and be noticed. Founder Daniel Gennaoui said, “With Niume, we wanted to create a platform that removed the tedious task of having to start an individual blog and build an audience from scratch.”

Niume has been praised for its strong sense of community between users and its seamless interface has made it a hit with both the average blogger and larger business organisations noting its ability to connect content creators with engaged readers.

With a growing technical team, the company is working towards allowing users to profit from their content by sharing revenue from the site.

Company CTO and developer Alex Hughes noted “The quality of content on Niume is very high, and our users spend a lot of time creating it. It’s only fair we allow them to profit from their work, something no other platform does.”

On whether or not they can compete with larger, already established blogging giants, Founder Francesco Facca stated “Niume is the only online platform that combines the tools for content creation that blogging platforms such as Medium and Wordpress provide, with the collaborative environment and initial audience size that forum sites give. This characteristic is what compels bloggers to use Niume over more established platforms”.

Youth it seems, is no barrier for these future tech stars.

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