New British clothing line, Bull & Dagger, offers garments that are tailored for expression, not gender restriction

Representation of gender is a subject that has been approached by the fashion world for decades, with the visual representation of what it means to be either ‘male’ or ‘female’ changing and being subject to experimentation as time and trends pass. However, as we enter 2016, the current story running throughout the fashion industry is not what it means to be male or female, but it is whether or not we should even be defining the two genders at all. New London based genderqueer fashion label, Bull & Dagger launches this month, offering a collection that fuses together impeccable tailoring, bold colours, clever stitching and flamboyant patterns to elevate an outfit to a form of self-expression, rather than one which limits a person’s identity to one that is pre-constructed.

With a collection of vibrant outfits crafted in fine wools, silks, and cottons, Bull & Dagger presents a vibrant, high-fashion offering, catering to those that aren’t satisfied by traditional menswear and womenswear on the market. Unlike conventional tailoring, designed to accentuate the pre-determined shapes that are associated with men and women, Bull & Dagger creates clothes with as much craftsmanship and detail as those with conforming silhouettes, yet without gender based restrictions. Once used as an insult to women who chose to reject the confines of socially accepted gender boundaries, "Bull & Dagger" proudly reclaims the phrase as its launches its first collection with confidence this month.

Meera Amin, creative director and founder of Bull & Dagger said, “Fashion is an incredibly powerful tool, used to display a personality and image of yourself to the outside world. Unfortunately, for many who choose to lead a lifestyle that doesn’t conform to gender expectations, finding clothing that looks great and fits perfectly to express this is difficult. That is why I started Bull & Dagger”.

Amin continued, “Ever since I came out as a gay woman three years ago, I have experienced first-hand the challenges of visibly representing myself as gender non-conforming using the clothing that was available to me. I know I’m not the only person who finds this difficult, so I decided create the clothes I was looking for with Bull & Dagger.”

Appealing to those that rebel against society, London based Bull & Dagger’s aesthetic is a cocktail of classic British heritage, combined with the unmistakable English eccentricity of the dandy and other stalwarts of UK fashion counter culture of bygone eras.

Bull & Dagger launches mid-September. To find out more visit


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"Bulldagger"- Once a derogatory term for women who chose to eschew the confines of socially accepted gender boundaries, "Bull & Dagger" is now reclaiming the term. From a time when labels were bestowed upon you depending on how society viewed you, these women not only challenged social norms but charged them down full force in order to stay true to themselves. Bull & Dagger salutes those who refused to be defined by anyone but themselves, and looked damned good while doing it.

With a British heritage aesthetic in mind and tipping a carefully millinered brim to the flamboyant, the dandy, and the fop of a bygone era, Bull & Dagger reclaims the essence of the attention seeker with a deconstructed view towards the future. 

The Bull = strong, dominant and a little hard headed

The Dagger = sharp, to the point, with a bit of edge