Movie Investors, a new international movie fund for independent and studio supported movies are thrilled to announce their exclusive celebrity supported launch party with at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

A Number of Celebrities are expected to attend including Edward Norton, Bruce Willis of Wes Anderson's Cannes opener 'Moonrise Kingdom', Cannes Jury Members Tim Roth and Ewan McGregor, Actresses Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger and Actors Shia LaBeouf and Sacha Baron Cohen who is in town promoting ‘The Dictator’. Kelly Brook, Model Natasha Poly and Cheryl Cole are also expected to attend for the gifting suite at the villa run by Strangelove Gifting Enterprises prior to the party starting. Gifts includes Ipods, 3D TVs, 3D video cameras and designers dresses.

The party will take place on Saturday, 26th May at Villa André Capron, Cannes, one of the most stunning villas in Cannes and the location of parties held in the past by MTV, DSquared and Puff Daddy. The party will raise awareness for film makers needing revenues for their movies from micro-budget under $100,000 to big budget blockbusters of over $30,000,000.

Movie Investors are offering guests the exclusive chance to win cameos, speaking, starring, supporting and executive producer roles in the movies being financed on the website. Films included in the Movie Investors slate at launch are the first ever Interactive Movies from the fighting fantasy book franchise; including ‘House of Hell’ and ‘Appointment with F.E.A.R’ being produced by THE Pinewood Studios-based Superteam productions and directed by Ian Patterson. The Site, which will be launched next month, also includes a major sci-fiction cutting edge special effects masterpiece produced by David Ward, Tim Burke and Bini Lacrosse called ‘Planet X’. It is billed as a cross between ‘Star Wars’, ‘Avatar’ and this year's ‘Prometheus’. The fund is also taking advantage of the huge growth in popularity of the low budget found footage genre with a stag party comedy called ‘Vegas Baaaby’ and new POV Serial Killer Horror; ‘L.A Slasher’. The company also launches a new global charity idea ( supported by the Hollywood A-listers and a number of fractional ownership, multiple owner schemes such as a new Hollywood Hills-based digital effects company and a super yatch to be used for film locations and film festival events around the world.

Guests will enjoy an array of delicious cocktails by Belvedere, from 8pm to 12am, alongside music from acclaimed VJ’s The Urban Knights and international music producer, Jimmy V.

For further information on the ‘Movie Investors Launch Party and for Invitations’, please contact: James Morrison

Notes to Editors:

Movie Investors

Accredited Investors, Private Individuals, Hedge Funds and Wealthy Asset Managers can now make an investment in film safer by spreading their investment across a number of exciting films with the benefit of receiving generous profits and attractive ROIs from each movie. Investment Opportunities are available in all sizes and can be put into films ranging from low budget found footage horror movies to big budget Musicals and Science fictions. Investors can either invest in a particular movie or invest into the ‘Movie Fund’ to earn revenues from a number of movies whilst receiving benefits from the movie related lots promoted on the website launched next month.



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