New Construction Lights Make Winter Work Safer

One of the UK’s newest LED safety light suppliers is aiming to reduce the danger of working in the dark with its first range of products designed to improve the safety of any winter construction site. WHI Safeguard offers construction workers premium visibility, pioneering design and energy efficiency with its scaffolding and traffic cone lighting options.

Accidents in everyday life and places of work increase during the winter period – inclement weather conditions can be a huge safety hazard. Ice, snow, wind and stormy weather also result in a steep incline in traffic accidents. The construction industry can be severely affected by winter conditions, but it isn’t just the weather which can pose hazards. Daylight hours are short and sweet during winter months and it’s necessary for work to continue into the darkness. On-site workers need to take extra caution working in the dark and extra lighting and equipment should be used.

Steve Hooper, Director of WHI Safeguard said, “Many construction workers start and finish work in pitch black at this time of year. Most sites are dangerous as it is, but long hours in the darkness can make construction sites deadly places to work. It’s imperative for construction managers and companies to effectively illuminate the site, and our innovative LED lighting solutions aim to improve the safety of the industry.” 

Every WHI Safeguard product is designed and developed in the UK for ultimate quality. The LED lighting products run on just 2 AA batteries and give in excess 4,000 hours of use. On average, the lights can be used for around six months before the need change the batteries. All safety lights also use low power LED technology which helps sites to reduce carbon footprints, save cash and maintain superior visibility at all times.

Steve Hooper added, “Each of our products combines low power technology with a high quality of light, making them the ultimate choice for businesses.”

The advanced safety lights have been manufactured in a retrofit design, allowing easy installation to scaffolding and existing equipment. Quick and easy to install, any WHI Safeguard product can be improving safety standards in no time at all. The Scaffolding Bulk Light, Scaffolding and Barrier Light and LED Cone Light are available to pre-order now. Each lighting solution is robust and suitable for all industrial applications.

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About WHI Safeguard: Catering to the construction industry, WHI Safeguard retails a premium range of innovative LED safety lights. All products are designed and developed in the UK to ensure the highest standard of quality. The intelligent design means the products retrofit to existing equipment which saves customers time and money.