New Floodriskfinder App Helps House Hunters Assess Flood Risk When Buying a Property

A brand new smartphone app is making it easier for house-hunters to gauge whether their home is at risk of flood. floodriskfinder uses data from the Environment Agency to provide accurate information on every property in England, both commercial and domestic – so those looking to buy or rent can check they are not at risk of flooding beforehand.

With its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface, floodriskfinder has been listed as a top app by the tech experts at Gizmodo and featured by Apple under best new apps. It is already receiving stellar reviews by users scouting potential properties. With flooding growing more prevalent in the UK as global warming causes changes to weather patterns, it’s more important than ever for house hunters to conduct the relevant checks before they commit to purchasing or letting a property.

A spokesman for floodriskfinder says, “The app has been available on various different app stores for three weeks now, and we’re thrilled with the response we’ve had so far. There’s a real gap in the market for an app like this, which helps home-hunters, businesses and property investors find a property that isn’t at significant risk of flooding from rivers and seas. After last year’s Somerset floods decimated homes and businesses, flood risk is something that is at the forefront of many buyers’ minds – floodriskfinder can help provide the first steps to help banish the fear of floods and find a property that is at less risk.”

Last year in Somerset, more than 600 homes and 17,000 acres of farmland were waterlogged in some of the worst flooding on record. floodriskfinder can help flag up properties that may be situated on a flood plain or a particularly at-risk area, so that buyers can steer clear. It is an intuitive first port of call when considering a new property and the ideal prelude to more in depth research by a professional service such as Searchflow if a risk is identified.

Buying a house without the correct research on flood risk can mean that buyers inadvertently find themselves with a property that is uninsurable, or requires specialist insurance that is very expensive. floodriskfinder is priceless in these situations, where knowledge and understanding of the risk will help minimise the cost of insuring any property.

The app itself is easy to use – simply type in a house number and street name or postcode, or even use the location services on a mobile device to hone in on the right address. The app then offers detailed information on the risk of flooding at this address from a river or sea. Using their own discretion, the house hunter can then assess the need to call in additional specialist research or proceed further with purchasing or leasing the property.

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