New Gate Catch

Moving multiple horses through tricky gateways can be a potentially difficult and dangerous task. Phil and Caroline Evans became so tired of this issue that they became inventors and manufacturers of their own solution; the Equi-Catch. Ten years later, the catch has been updated for a multitude of purposes and is now indispensable for landowners, farmers and riders. 

Ten years after its successful launch, the innovative Gate Catch has been extensively developed and officially re-launches this month. The easiest and most innovative gate catch is made from robust stainless steel and is purposefully designed for anyone who regularly has to open or shut gates as part of their everyday life – the catches are perfect for equine or disabled users and those who struggle to open and close gates with their hands full.

The original Equi-Catch was designed by Phil and Caroline Evans who confronted the challenge of moving powerful, fresh horses between gated enclosures head on. Their innovative Gate Catch was the solution. When fitted to gates at their stables, it allowed Caroline to move her horses between fields and paddocks with ease, fitting the first catch Phil suffered a serious injury and found himself facing the prospect of manoeuvring gates in a wheelchair, the onus shifted to making the gate catch entirely inclusive, with functionality for everyone who has trouble with gates at their premises. and the couple were soon marketing to the masses with great success.

The pair have spent much of the last decade researching a pioneering new design, which launches this March with the intention of making the catch more aesthetic and even easier to operate whilst reducing the weight and corresponding manufacturing costs. The new Gate Catch can be used by all, whether on foot or in a wheelchair, and can be fitted to any gate, big or small. The catches are incredibly simple to use and can be opened from the ground or from a mounted seat such as on horseback, from a wheelchair or powered chair.

Designer and lecturer in agricultural engineering Phil Evans said, “The gate catch is a universal answer to tricky gate openings and can be used in a huge number of situations in order to improve functionality and keep those operating gates safe and secure. Deceptively simple, it solves a real and everyday problem with ease.”

The two-way opening makes the Gate Catch so effective; it can be opened either way so backing up is never necessary in order to close and secure the gate once through. The gates are simply closed with a push and they lock back into the central position every time.

The Gate Catch is as easy to install as it is to use. It can be fitted within minutes and has a rugged, strong construction; they are made to last for a lifetime and beyond. The catches can also be fitted to a whole manner of gates including metal and farm gates.  

International renown and acclaim has been lavished on the Gate Catch since its launch. The catches are used internationally and are fitted as standard by many major horse arena builders and racecourses. Many major landowners, councils and trusts have also installed the catches around their premises in order to provide easy access for disabled visitors and in order to ensure compliance with the UK Disability Discrimination Act. The National Trust and Swindon Borough Council, Arnside and Silverdale ANOB have shown complete faith in their installation of the catches with the design present on many of their gates.

Huge demand means the product can now be shipped to the United States, transforming the product into a truly ground-breaking global phenomenon.

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About After persistent problems with standard gate catches, husband and wife Phil and Caroline Evans took to inventing their own solution for moving horses in the form of the Equine Catch. Redeveloped and re-launched after a decade’s fine tuning as the all purpose Gate Catch, the speciality gate furniture allows gates within farms and paddocks to swing open both ways and maintain a secure locked position in the centre position, and makes transporting horses between enclosures a simple and safe task.

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