New headphones combine style, quality and community

The launch of Phonaudio gives music lovers a chance to combine style and quality in their headphones whilst being part of the brand’s community, giving consumers access to exclusive giveaways, sponsored events and more.

Phonaudio was created by a husband and wife entrepreneurial duo and creating a personal connection with its audience is a key part of the brand’s identity. Through its community channel, Phonfamily, the company aims to develop a space where users can share the latest music news and well as learning about Phonaudio’s collaborations and get involved in industry events.

The headphones give wearers access to studio quality sound even when they’re on the go, thanks to four years of extensive research and development. The end result is a product that delivers in all areas with fashionable, comfortable headphones that give excellent sound quality. 

Steven Arinze, CEO of Phonaudio, said, “We believe that music is a fundamental element that drives people towards their goals and can completely change their mood and perspective. Delivering music through the right medium can make a whole lot of difference, quality sound can bring out the energy and emotion of each artist allowing listeners to feel that too and this is what we wanted to allow with Phonaudio. We’ve completed extensive research to tick all the boxes for what consumers want in their headphones – honest, simple, stylish and, of course, great sound.”

Through using state-or-the-art technology the team behind Phonaudio have been able to balance high performance and deep bass, giving wearers an intense audio experience every time the headphones are used. The patented design of the product range means that not only are they comfortable to wear but they reduce sound leakage and block external noise too through a unique contour in the ear cup.

The headphones also come with intuitive multifunction buttons, located conveniently on both ear cups, which provide both music and call control. Play, pause, skip, and answer calls with just one button - all at your fingertips.

The headphones are designed for ultimate comfort. The combination of memory foam ear pads and headband, coated with soft-to-touch leather, and the TR-90 plastic titanium build, makes the headphones very light, extremely comfortable, yet durable.

Phonaudio headphones are currently available in two styles, the over-ear PHN100 and on-ear PHN200. Each option comes in black with a choice of three colour accents – gold, silver or black. The headphones are compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

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Phonaudio is a British brand that launched in 2016. The company provides consumers with stylish and smart headphones that offers studio quality sound yet are still comfortable to wear. 



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