New Incubator Program Allows Anyone to Launch a Tech Startup!

Turning bright ideas into fully functional apps just got easier with the launch of an exciting new service from forward thinking software company, ForeMinds. Blending astute minds with the latest cutting edge technology, the Incubator Program helps everyday people and businesses turn ideas into reality in just 12 weeks. The fixed time and cost pricing structure is an industry first and represents an incredible opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to get tech ventures up and running without facing unpredictable sky-high costs.

Aptly dubbed as the ‘Zero to Hero’ program, the UK-based team of coders, designers and other tech savvy experts has the process in place to transform concepts to commodity in three months under a rapid lean approach. By eliminating hiring risks, overhead costs and other investments, ForeMinds clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their idea could turn into a viable product in record time.

Haroldo Bottosso, ForeMinds Managing Director said, “A lot of people these days dream about building their own app, game or web-start-up. However while their ideas may be brilliant, they usually lack the expertise and financial stability to kick-start their ventures. We’ve decided to fix this, offering people and businesses a comprehensive solution to get their tech ventures off the ground. With our fixed costs, pre-set time frame and unmatched expertise, our Incubator Program is simply unbeatable.”

Specialising in mobile apps, games and complex cloud-systems, the company has quickly built itself a steady client base since its establishment in 2009. The tech team boasts an impressive inventory of clients’ projects, showcased by prestigious corporations such as BBC Click, CNBC and The New York Times.

To top off its latest venture, ForeMinds has also set up a handful of partnerships specially engineered to help entrepreneurs source project funding. With the UK government’s recent launch of the nationwide Start-Up Loan scheme and growing developments in European technology funding initiatives, the Incubator Program is at the forefront of the global tech trend.

Incubator Program clients may also benefit from ForeMinds established relationships with angel investors, private equity firms and VCs when looking for further investments.

The ForeMinds team is currently calling on imaginative ideas from creative individuals and businesses across the globe. Whether it’s designing the next universal smartphone game phenomenon or launching an innovative social media platform, ForeMinds has the expertise and passion to bring the visions of its clients to life.

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About ForeMinds: Established in 2009, ForeMinds is a dynamic software design and development company specialising in both traditional and experimental software solutions. Drawing on extensive technological expertise, the company is the go-to provider for individuals and businesses wanting to turn their ideas into exciting new products. From mobile apps to cutting edge cloud services, its innovative approach is guaranteed to deliver premium quality results. The company has recently launched its exciting new Incubator Program, specially designed to help turn fresh new ideas into fully functional tech products.