New Innovative Stroller to Ease Stress on Single and Stay-At-Home Parents

Single and stay-at-home parents are set to enjoy much needed relief this year when an innovative new stroller hits the US market.  With a focus on convenience and portability, the OmniO Rider offers moms and dads an intelligent solution for getting little ones from A to B.  When not in use, the lightweight pushchair can be folded down into a backpack form for the ultimate in hands-free functionality.

To fast-track the product to consumer shelves the company is calling on the public to support an Indiegogo campaign, to be launched on March 23rd 2015, and help the nation reduce the daily struggles of solo parenting.

Samantha Warwick, parent and COO of Innovation Makers LLC said, “Even with my partner in tow there are still plenty of times when I’m left to look after the little ones single handedly.  OmniO Rider will be an absolute godsend and now we’re on a mission to share our revolutionary innovation with US parents.”

According to the latest statistics from the US Census Bureau, America was home to 12 million single parent families in 2013.  Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that of the nation’s 34.4 million families with children, 88.2% had at least one employed parent.  Whether holding the fort solo or simply lacking the full-time presence of a fellow care giver, carting the kids around can be quite a challenge.  OmniO Rider will help alleviate transportation headaches with its unique design that folds from a buggy to a backpack form in a matter of seconds.

Another demographic set to benefit enormously from OmniO Rider is young families with dual incomes.  The latest statistics indicate that 59.1% of families with young children are supported by two working parents.  What’s the outcome of this social trend?  During working hours 24% of pre-schoolers were regularly cared for by their grandparents, 7% by other relatives and 3% by siblings.  With all this frequent moving around comes the need for a portable transportation solution that gets kids from preschool, to caregivers, to home with ease.  With its highly portable lightweight build and ability to foldaway into a wearable backpack, the OmniO Rider is set to emerge as a must have item for any dynamic young family.

Samantha explains, “At its core, OmniO Rider is a response to the changing face of US families.  With an increasing number of moms and dads entrusting their little ones to relatives during working hours, a need for portable transportation solutions has emerged.  OmniO Rider is designed with the modern family in mind and allows parents and alternative caregivers to get kids from A to B with ease.”

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Developed by Innovation Makers LLC, OmniO Rider is a next generation stroller that offers parents the ultimate in convenience, portability and safety. Using an intelligent foldaway design the stroller can be transformed from a buggy to a backpack in just seconds.  This makes it ideal for active families that lead a busy lifestyle.  To launch the product to the US market Innovation Makers Ltd will launch an Indiegogo campaign on March 23rd2015 offering pledgers a range of rewards in exchange for financial support.