New iOS App Blends Japanese Cinema With Cutting Edge Technology

Japanese cinema buffs are set to enjoy comprehensive trivia at their fingertips with the launch of a new app called A History of Japanese Cinema - An Interactive Timeline. Developed by Durian ePub, the innovative program draws on the expertise of diehard movie critics, expert translators and highly skilled iOS designers.

Inspired by Andy's wife - Lucy's idea, the app combines a group of talented developers and designers, film critics and language experts - an American couple Mike and Nancy, which makes this app a unique and universal cooperation. Covering movies, genres, masters and actors, the app brings Apple devices to life with an explosion of interactive elements, images, videos and sublime design.  The unique iOS creation is the first of its kind and has already received a hugely positive response from Japanese film enthusiasts across the globe.

Andy Gan, Product Manager said, “Our exciting new app is utterly unique and unlike anything else on the market. There are no apps or even books offering a complete collection of Japanese movie history. This app fills the gap and offers users a comprehensive database of Japanese film and culture in the palm of their hands.”

The history of Japanese cinema is vast and varied, having been in a constant state of evolution for over a century. The country boasts one of the oldest and largest film industries on the planet, its home-grown box office revenue exceeding US$1 billion in 2013 alone. The interactive app captures every element of the country’s rich cinematic history, offering users a panoramic overview of the nation’s beloved ‘domestic cinema’ scene. 

Users are treated to an array of features which have been specially engineered by passionate Japanese cinema aficionados. The dynamic navigation element is both fun and intelligent, responding to multiple fingertip commands with lighting fast reaction times. The unique platform allows users to explore the incredible world of Japanese cinema in a way that is as vibrant and intriguing as the films themselves. Whether users are interested in the evocative tale of Tokyo Story, the thrills of Godzilla or the fantastical themes of Spirited Away, the app makes the process both easy and effortless.

Product Manager of the app Andy Gan said, “We like to think that we’ve made traversing the chronological history of Japanese movie into something of an art-form.”

Every featured film master is accompanied by a curated list of essential images and video that offers users a starter base from which they can create their own unique movie collections. Featuring over 200 hours of meticulously categorised video content, users enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

From the silent classics of Yasujiro Ozu and the divine cinematography of Kenji Mizoguchi to the experimental genius of Hiroshi Teshigahara and the animated masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki, the new app is all encompassing.

Compatible with iPads, the app is set to be a download essential on the devices of Japanese film fans from all corners of the globe.

A History of Japanese Cinema - An Interactive Timeline is now available to download from the iTunes store for just $4.99.

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About A History of Japanese Cinema -An Interactive Timeline: Blending expert film knowledge, language translations and cutting edge tech design, A History of Japanese Cinema -An Interactive Timeline offers users comprehensive access to Japanese cinema history in the palm of their hands.