New LED Scaffolding and Barrier Light to Improve Safety Standards at Construction Sites

A new lighting solution company, WHI Safeguard, is committed to improving British H&S standards in the construction industry and has revealed its first range of safety lighting solutions. Offering intelligent design and superior visibility, the industrial lights are designed to be fitted easily to existing equipment and help construction companies meet their duty of care.

Employers are legally required to provide a safe working environment and take all steps necessary to prevent injuries in the workplace. Construction sites can be extremely dangerous places – 133 fatalities were reported in 2013/14 – which is why extra care needs to be taken to protect employees. WHI Safeguard is on a mission to improve on-site safety, starting with its first range of safety lighting solutions designed in the UK.

Chris Wright, Director of WHI Safeguard said, “As one of the most at-risk sectors, the construction industry has so many regulations and laws to adhere to. It can be tricky, especially for smaller companies or those working on projects with a small workforce, to follow the guidelines 24/7. Staying on top of safety can also be expensive and mean investing in pricey equipment. Our company objective is to offer a cost effective, high quality solution in order to improve the industry’s safety credentials.”

The Scaffolding and Barrier Safety Light is a battery operated light fixture which can be fitted securely and quickly to scaffolding and other surfaces with side or vertical brackets. The retrofit design allows for easy installation, without the need for equipment or more investment. The photocell light is activated automatically by darkness, illuminating on-site proceedings when natural lighting is no longer sufficient.

The Scaffolding Bulkhead Safety Light can be fitted vertically to walls or scaffolding with a red or translucent lens. The robust light is protected against dust, water and other substances often found at construction sites. Both of the safety lights are easily installed or moved with the mounting brackets.

The pioneering design of all the safety lighting solutions allows all products to retrofit to existing equipment. Each safety light uses low power LED technology to give 4000+ hours of use before the batteries require changing. That’s equivalent to approximately six months of battery life. The range from WHI Safeguard is energy efficient, eco-friendly and high power but most importantly – it was developed to save lives.

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About WHI Safeguard: WHI Safeguard are an innovative LED safety light supplier who design and develop innovative products that strive to improve safety for everyone. WHI Safeguard products are designed to challenge and improve the current status quo and raise Health & Safety standards across the construction industries. All of WHI Safeguard products retrofit to existing equipment, and have been developed to provide superior visibility and value compared with current methods of safety management.