New Lifestyle Store for the Design Conscious: Kept Edition

As the retail landscape continues to shift, the launch of lifestyle store Kept Edition meets the growing consumer demands for design conscious products. Kept Edition, the online web store which launched last week, sells hand-picked, bespoke fashion and home ware pieces for customers searching for more than what the high street can offer.

Highly visual social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have surged in popularity, creating an accessible means for unlimited inspiration. As a result, people are more confident than ever in expressing their personal tastes and when forming their lifestyle choices. Kept Edition is a new catalyst for provoking these design ideas through their online blog, whilst proving the means for these visions to be realised with their exceptional selection of handpicked goods.

Paolo Rizzo, founder of Kept Edition commented, “Design, quality and creativity is at the heart of our brand because we know this is what motivates our artistic and fashion conscious customers too. These values are reflected in the high quality range of apparel and stylish home ware products we have sourced for Both independent designers as well as internationally established brands will be represented on our platform – our only discretion is that they provide contemporary style, with an ethical outlook. We believe in the value of taking time to select the most perfect pieces, rather than rushing for fast gratification with mass produced goods.’

Amongst others, American brand Carhartt can be found online at Kept Edition. With a background in producing industrial garments, this brand incorporates influences from the street, resulting in a range of hardwearing yet contemporary fashion that is perfect for this style conscious platform. Danish design heroes Libertine-Libertine is also available to browse, alongside British brand Bethnals. Undefined by gender but inspired by fit, Bethnals is a great example of the kind of innovation that is waiting to be discovered at Kept Edition.

Paolo Rizzo continued “Clothing and accessories form the majority of the products on offer, but we know that style can also be extended beyond the personal form and into external surroundings. To cater to this, specialised home ware products have also been chosen to compliment the fashion brands. There is an eclectic selection ranging from illustrated plant pots created by artist Louise Madzia to striking neon kitchenware from Wireworks.”

For more information about Kept Edition, visit the website:


Dakota Digital for Kept Edition

Contact: Eileen Pegg


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Kept Edition is not only a lifestyle store, but is a vibrant destination for those in search of high quality, globally sourced goods and thought provoking content.  It supplies clothing, homeware and goods where design, quality and creativity is put before anything else.

All brands stocked and the products they make have been shaped by the moments they have experienced and culture they've lived in. This ethos has resulted in a unique platform for emerging designers to sit amongst established international super brands like Carhartt, Libertine-Libertine, WeSC, Wireworks and many others. 



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