New Local Charity soap4all Launches First Event in Gusto, Cheadle

New Local Charity – Recycling at its best! Not asking people for money – just soap!

A new charity soap4all will launch on February 18th 2015 at Gusto Restaurant in Cheadle. The aim of the charity is to provide homeless people with “Life’s basics”.

Andrea Moczarski, Stockport Founder of soap4all said, “My Grandma used to say that soap and water doesn't cost anything. Unfortunately today it does.” 

The idea of the charity came from Andrea who travels frequently for work and is a self-confessed hoarder of the freebie toiletries she gets in hotels. soap4all encourages people to send any unused and unopened toiletries in to them so that they can be recycled and redistributed to the homeless people that need them most. This is done by supporting existing charities.

The launch event is mainly to gain media attention and build awareness of the charitable organisation, and to act as a meet and greet for the volunteers and charities who will benefit from soap4all. Shelter has already confirmed its attendance, and the event will be the first official soap collection.

The charity has four main goals for 2015:
- Provide 1000 packs helping 1000 homeless people. About 2500 sleep rough every night in the UK.
- Build relationships with 25 charitable organisations, starting in the Northwest with a view to supporting the homeless nationwide
- Create a global presence by recruiting volunteers in the US and Europe 
- Launch the soap4all kids program designed to encourage children to give to others.

The launch event will of course be used to collect soap but also to launch our social media campaign which challenges people to take a selfie and label it with one word that describes how they feel after not showering or bathing for 24 or 48 hours. 

The launch event takes place at Gusto, Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport at 8pm. For more information about soap4all or to reserve a place to attend the launch event on 18th February, email 

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