Portion of profits from each purchase donated to The Happy Fuzzies Foundation for children making it a perfect Valentine’s Gift

Spreading the love is on everyone’s minds in the month of February; Valentine’s Day brings out the nation’s romantic side, and everyone will be looking for the perfect gift to give to their other half or to themselves. What better way to spread this love than with an adorable new phone case which not only looks great, but also helps to protect the user?

MoodyPinks, supplier of the cutest mobile phone cases around, have joined up with The Happy Fuzzies Foundation to launch their brand new ‘Love Bug’ phone case design, which is guaranteed to add a romantic twist to some of the most popular phone handsets, and will raise money for a worthwhile cause. The gorgeous new 3D design, complete with bows, hearts and a ‘LOVE’ motif, is a dreamy, girly and stylish way to spice up a Valentine’s Day outfit or would make a perfect gift for a loved one on this most romantic of holidays. The charming cases are available for the iPhone 4 and 5, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 series, and are a chic way to spread the love this month.

Melsie Holder, The Happy Guru – health advisor and designer at MoodyPinks said, “Our ultra cute ‘Love Bug’ phone case is a fantastic way to get loved up this Valentine’s Day. We have included the amazing ‘Black Tourmaline’ gemstone in the design to provide a number of health benefits, meaning any phone sporting the case will look good while doing good. Its benefits are numerous and help to protect the user from ‘Phone Smog’, it naturally produces negative ions for cleaner air and encourages a positive mind-set and attitude by helping to heal and re-balance mind and body. Research also shows that the gemstone can stimulate the root chakra to promote calmness, abundance and good energy, and if that wasn’t enough it’s also said to bring good luck!”

For each of the ‘Love Bug’ phone cases sold, MoodyPinks will donate £1 to The Happy Fuzzies Foundation, a charity which is preoccupied solely with promoting good vibrations and happy frequencies and encouraging children to incorporate a healthy and positive mindset into their lives. This is a subject close to the hearts of those at MoodyPinks, where the specially designed phone cases are not considered to be just fashion accessories. Each case, with its 3D decorations and hand-crafted designs, is designed to minimise interference and harmful ‘phone smog’ from mobile handsets. This dangerous electromagnetic pollution, which is emitted from all such popular gadgets nowadays, can cause headaches, tinnitus, fatigue and other adverse side effects which can be detrimental to anyone’s health and wellbeing. Now phone users can use such covers as the ‘Love Bug’ to help protect themselves from these undesirable afflictions and help to spread happiness and love through their own good vibrations wherever they go.

The Happy Fuzzies Foundation is also an offset of The Happy Guru, MoodyPinks’ very own health advisory partners in all things related to phone smog and dangerous electromagnetic interference. The money raised from the sale of the sweet and stylish phone cases will go towards helping children’s charities in the UK and all across the United States. Philanthropy, safety-consciousness, good vibrations and style in one glamorous package!

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About MoodyPinks: MoodyPinks create stylish and safety-conscious phone cases for a variety of the most popular handset models. Their 3D designs are unique and hand-crafted, and the innovative construction protects users from electromagnetic pollution.



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