New Online Political Platform Launches with a Mission to Inspire British Youth

A new forum created to encourage teenagers and young adults to take more of an active role in politics has launched. was developed in answer to a lack of political commentary from younger members of the public and get set itself the goal of inspiring young Brits and engaging them in political debates and discussion.

Although live for less than a month, the website already has thousands of posts on its forums spanning hundreds of political topics.  From education and economy to EU reform, YouthDebate is a lively and inclusive platform which discusses matters relevant to young people – many of whom are studying at school or university.

Alex Firth, founder of YouthDebate, said “There are numerous forums on the net dealing with UK politics and policies in the rest of the world too; however there were no forums directly designed for young people.  It is vital we encourage healthy debate in youngsters and that’s what we hope to achieve with YouthDebate. We want to make it easy for those who are already passionate about politics and those just discovering their political views to have their say, strike up conversations and make their voices heard. ”

The inspirational platform is a free speech forum. It is fully inclusive and open to all political views, helping members to develop rounded opinions and share viewpoints with those holding opposing beliefs.

The new website was privately funded and Firth added, “We have only been established for a few weeks and already gained a colossal youth following; we hope to reach out to even more young adults in the future.  At the moment British youth doesn’t have a voice – is the beginning of an era where we will eventually be heard and able to influence mainstream politics.”

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About YouthDebate is a political forum designed to nurture young views and inspire fresh minds. Founded in late June 2014, YouthDebate already has thousands of posts on hundreds of subjects, from the economy to immigration; the military to education. Everyone is welcome and almost anything goes.