New Online Product Review App Scores Significantly Better Than Industry Competitors

A brand new online product review site has scored better than its industry competitors, and it’s also totally free of charge for businesses to use. is a ‘ratings and review’ app for Ecommerce sites, and the brand new player in the market enforces a trust policy to take action against fake reviews or manipulated ratings.

The simple website plug-in takes just 15 minutes to set up, and clients have already seen remarkable results. In one example, in just 24 hours a Lipscore client received more than 600 ratings and close to 80 reviews from consumers from close to 3000 emails to customers – a response rate of over 20%. With the industry standard being between 2% and 8% the site has gotten significantly higher interaction from customers, blowing the competition out of the water.

With nearly 9 in 10 customers reading online reviews to determine the quality of a local business or product, and 39% doing so on a regular basis – more and more people are using ratings, highlighting the need for businesses to attract reviews and control their online reputation.

Henning Frettem, CEO of Lipscore said: “Since our launch we have received an amazing amount of positive feedback. Our unique trust policy means that those reading product reviews on our site can rest assured that we do not tolerate fake reviews or manipulated ratings.

“Customers have the right to assess the quality of a service before they purchase it, and fake or manipulated reviews only deceive customers which is unacceptable. Customer reviews build the foundation of many businesses and if a service is not up to scratch then service users have the right to voice their opinion whether it’s bad or good.

“We are the only market leader with a zero-tolerance policy for review manipulation, which can damage business reputations. We hope to develop one of the best product reviewing platforms on the planet and our positive reception so far shows that we are well on our way to achieving that goal.”

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About Lipscore  

Lipscore is a unique online product ratings and review plugin designed to make every review count. With a distinctive trust policy – the Lipscore Code of Conduct – the free to use app takes action against fake reviews or manipulated ratings. The 100% automated service has all the features in place to make review collection a breeze, along with excellent unique features to make sure that all reviews are from actual customers giving their honest opinion about the services accessed. With significant research and development for additional features to be released in 2015, Lipscore is poised to become a market leader.