New platform connects tourists to locals providing unique experiences

A new platform is giving people across the UK an opportunity to make money doing something they love. Trip52 allows individuals to offer experiences, from themed city tours to craft sessions, to visitors in their home town. The unique concept aims to connect locals and tourists to enhance trips and provide visitors with activities other than typical tourist destinations.

Trip52 provides endless opportunities for Brits to come up with unique ideas to sell, from offering a walking tour of Banksy artwork in London to hosting a traditional Scottish meal in Edinburgh. As well as the financial benefits the platform also put an emphasis on meeting new and interesting people from around the world.

Stuart Pinfold of Trip52, said, “There are so many unique experiences, interesting stories and hidden gems scattered across the UK but many people miss them simply because they don’t know they’re there. Trip52 is great for foreign visitors, domestic travellers, and even those just looking for something different to do in their area. It also gives people a chance to make money doing something they’re interested in while having fun and meeting new people. I envisage the platform acting as a great way to connect people with similar interests and really show off the British culture and everything the UK has to offer.”

The concept of Trip52 was born after the founders of the platform experienced a food on foot tour in New York City. Thanks to a knowledgeable, friendly and local host the tour proved to be a highlight of the visit. The team behind Trip52 have worked to expand the idea and launched the innovative platform to connect tourists with authentic and unusual activities.

Those wanting to offer experiences on Trip52 can sign up and begin selling their offering to visitors from all over the world. Hosts are free to set their own calendar and rates, as well as accepting and managing bookings through the platform. The first five bookings for each new host is commission free, after that Trip52 charges just 7% on the booking price.

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Trip52 allows people all over the UK to list experiences, from themed tours to hosting evening meals, for travellers to take advantage of and gives host complete freedom to set times and prices. The site provides built in safety and security for both guests and hosts. 



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