New platform DesArts to connect artists and designers to a wider audience

A new platform that allows artists and designers to easily reach out and connect with potential audiences has launched. DesArts offers individuals an opportunity to reach a wider customer base without the associated expense and time – it is encouraging budding creatives to get involved and support the #AbstractYourSelf campaign. 

The #AbstractYourSelf tag can be used by inspiring artists to showcase their work and get involved with the campaign. The campaign is designed to support and exhibit abstract artists and their work to a social media audience and art enthusiasts around the world. Unique and creative individuals have already submitted some their best abstract work to DesArts with an electric mix being published on the website. 

DesArts won't just feature paintings and other fine art, it will also offer beautiful jewellery, sculptures, photographic prints and much more in the months to come. As the network of artists and designers grows, customers are sure to find a one-of-a-kind piece that they love, whether they're looking for an item with a vintage vibe or prefer something with a modern edge.  

Julien Haye, founder and CEO of DesArts, said, “DesArts is the culmination of my lifelong ambition to contribute to the creative field. I am truly passionate about art and design, have a love of documenting city life through my photography and also seeking out unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from local and unknown artists and undiscovered designers. I have a special interest in architecture and an eye for perspective and colour – all of which helps me to view this site from both the point of view of its creator, and as an artist myself.  

"Having spent 16 years in banking, I have learnt the importance of connecting people and of showing the human side of everything we do. DesArts was born from my desire to bring unique pieces of art and design to the world and connecting people."  

DesArts is a simple and affordable platform that lets artists and designers connect with an audience. The site recognises that for many artists setting up a website and developing a social media presence in order to sell their work online is often complex, expensive and time consuming. The majority of artists simply want to focus on the creative aspect of their work and DesArts takes the hassle and expense out of finding an audience and selling their goods.   

From only £5 a month artists and designers can use DesArts to set up their blog, develop their own online gallery and promote their artwork on social media channels with over 183,000 followers.   

DesArts stands out from the crowd by focusing on adding a personal, human face to the creative work they showcase. The website also aims to develop into a forum of learning where artists and art enthusiasts can network and build relationships.   

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DesArts is a simple and affordable full-service platform to connect artists and designers with their potential audience. It offers an easy to use opportunity for individuals to exhibit, promote and sell their work.   



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