New platform Seeks to Make Remote Recruitment Easier

Businesses wanting to tap into the benefits of outsourcing are handed a smart solution this week as Volubilis launches an innovative platform that eliminates the hassle of recruiting, accommodating and retaining remote employees. Part employment agency part managed workspace solution, Volubilis represents a new era of affordability, convenience and efficiency for the outsourcing sector.

Over the past decade Volubilis has worked closely with countless freelancers. This has given the group an in-depth understanding of the issues and hurdles associated with outsourcing. Frustration at unreliability, high costs and lack of support drove the founders to pioneer a bespoke recruitment-meets-managed- workspaces solution that offers all the flexibility and cost effectiveness of outsourcing, minus the uncertainty of hiring freelancers. 

Mahboob Imtiyaz, Volubilis Co-Founder said, “For businesses that are tired of working remotely with unreliable freelancers and unprofessional IT companies, Volubilis is an intelligent solution that combines the best of both worlds.”

In today’s ever changing economy the flexibility to instantaneously expand is an invaluable asset. Volubilis arms businesses with a way to easily grow workforces across boundaries with total peace of mind that they’re hiring reliable freelancers who will receive quality in-house support.

All candidates are screened and put forward based on individual requirements. Clients enjoy the total flexibility to propose and negotiate salaries that match their budgets. From full time team members to short term contractors, Volubilis puts total control into the hands of every client. Every remote employee is overseen by a 24/7 manager to ensure a streamlined experience for both parties. By eliminating the in-house recruitment process, need for physical office space and risk of failing to retain remote employees, Volubilis guarantees assured cost savings for businesses operating in any sector. 

For remote employees, Volubilis provides access to a dynamic workspace equipped with all the latest mod cons. Time tracking tools, conference rooms, training materials, strict NDAs and more that ensure productivity and professionalism. Not to mention a collaborative, social and supportive working environment. This simulation of a professional office is an integral part of helping employees perform at their absolute best.

For remote employees, Volubilis understands their creative and productive needs to be unattached and the need for creative work environments. Hence, it provides collaborative workspaces in some of the world’s most iconic locations. Remote employees can chose to work from any of these locations as needed.

As well as a physical workspace, remote employees also enjoy myriad other benefits associated with full time, location-based employment. These include health insurance, transportation allowances, team outings, on-the-job training and more. The enriched experience means employers enjoy higher retention rates and increased productivity, while allowing freelancers to retain their sense of professional independence. Volubilis also welcomes clients who have candidates hired outside of its network.

Volubilis currently operates offices in two locations in India, with Thailand, Vietnam and other countries planned in the near future.

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Volubilis is redefining the concept of outsourcing with an innovative service that allows employers to recruit and manage remote workers, at their fingertips. The expert team of recruitment gurus pairs freelancers and contractors with clients based on individual needs and budgets. Remote workers then enjoy access to a professional working space, specialist training, corporate benefits and more.