New Psychic Services website launch: Psychic Soul Sisters

UK based Psychic Soul Sisters  is the brainchild of one of the UK’s most highly regarded Psychic Sensitives. Combining the talents of two Psychic friends, Psychic Soul Sisters gives a new, personalised slant to the Spiritual & Psychic online market.

Seraphina and Violet – friends for over 15 years – share a unique view of the world and their raison d’etre is to help their clients in the most ethical and straightforward way.

Both of the Psychic Soul Sisters are therapists and they offer a distinctive viewpoint to their clients – honed from many years of helping those in need of good advice.

Psychic Soul Sister, Seraphina: “Our site is all about offering something that is just has not been available before. We give Timed Readings, where the client is not under pressure due to high phone charges – they’ll know the cost of the Sessions beforehand, and will make a choice as to the Reader they’d like to consult; also the type of Reading that they’d like. We also have our own, long-established client bases and are known for our honesty and the clarity of our Readings. We offer good, useful advice and if we think a client does not need a Reading at this point in their life – we’ll tell them so.”

Seraphina and Violet provide thought-provoking Psychic Readings to those who may require positive guidance or further insight into life’s events. Clients can read the profiles of both Psychic Soul Sisters and choose who they believe will be best suited to their requirements, putting the control in their hands.

The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly, accessible from most mobile devices. This new site caters to a modern and evolved audience, offering a comprehensive range of Psychic services within the UK.

Seraphina: “Our client base varies from middle-income individuals, through to HNWI’s – we also have businesses consult with us. The days of global celebrities, like Ronald Reagan’s late wife, Nancy and Princess Diana consulting with Astrologers/Psychics is not over. We love to help all people with their lives – and it does not matter if that person has an everyday sort of job, or is a celebrity – all we care about is helping them to choose the best life path for them.”

It is well known that stars such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie et al have their personal Psychics/Mediums – now everyone in the UK that wants to have a helping hand with their own future, can have their personal Psychic too. Having Psychic Readings is a wonderful, life-affirming experience that is of great benefit throughout one’s life.

Clients can access services both online and by telephone. The choice of Sessions available is diverse, including Psychic Tarot, Crystal & Pendulum Readings as well as Clairvoyant & Past Life insights.

Compassionate Listening is also offered – Violet is a specialist in this caring approach to listening without judgement. The Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of many advocates of meditation and listening compassionately.


Psychic Soul

Contact Email:


             0203 289 6069

Founded by a former elite Selfridges Psychic Reader, the site brings together two gifted Psychic Sensitive friends who give a much-needed Spiritual Agony Aunt service to a hectic world.



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