New record player offers storage solution as vinyl sales hit record high

With sales of new vinyl records at an all-time high, the heritage record player manufacturer, Steepletone has developed the first ever vinyl player with integral vinyl storage.

Sales figures show that music lovers are favouring vinyl more and more, with sales picking up despite the proliferation of MP3 and digital downloads. The Deckster is the only vinyl player on the market with storage built in, allowing record fans to keep all their music handy and ready to play.

In 2014, over 2 million LPs were purchased in the UK – marking a 21-year high - and figures so far for 2016 indicate that this trend is set to continue. In the first three months of 2016 consumers bought over 337,000 records, accounting for 3% of the UK music market.

The shift in the number of consumers choosing to listen to music both digitally and to buy a physical product represents a change in attitudes to music, particularly among younger generations. Consumers are increasingly picking up vinyl records because of their sound quality, nostalgic feel and simply to have something to hold. The Deckster is born of this resurgence, with clever design and supreme functionality.

Mark Tyler, Managing Director of Steepletone, said, “We love that vinyl is back in fashion. Playing records is a great way to listen to music, with superior sound quality and a more authentic experience. Steepletone's Deckster is the perfect device to play much loved vinyl records on. It's a stand alone record player with a built in record storage to put your favourite LPs in. It has lots of great features too that give you the best sound quality possible whenever you listen to your favourite songs."

The Deckster features a flip-over stylus so both 33/45rpm and 78rpm records can be played. An adaptor for 45rpm is supplied with the product. The record player also features a 3-speed 'pro-deck' turntable and built in stereo speakers to give users more choice about how they listen to their music. The Deckster model can be purchased in black, red and white.

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Steepletone is a family run business, founded in 1972. It gained recognition for its range of record players in the 70s and still continues to sell them today, along with other products including retro radios, phones and jukeboxes. 



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