New Research Reveals Australians Are Searching For Who Bill Shorten Is

New research from bespoke agency, Local Digital has revealed that the most Googled question regarding opposition leader Bill Shorten is who he is. Despite holding the role since 2013 questions about who he was scored highly on the companies research into political based Google queries.

Questions posed about the party leaders also revealed that Australians are most interested in Bill Shorten memes about dancing and lettuce.

Malcolm Turnbull fared much better in the research with most posing the question if he is a good person and if he is a left-winger or right wing politician.

The research, which has been created using Google Trends, Autocomplete and Keyword Planner also revealed the key issues of greatest importance to the Australian electorate. They include the economy, the cost of living, slow Internet speeds and marijuana legalisation.

The cost of living has been one of the most hotly searched terms with the number of queries asking if Australia is too expensive increasing 81% in February compared with last year.

After confirmation from the Prime Minister’s office that this year is an election year, the data is all the more important because it shows the issues that matter most to Australian voters.

Money on the whole is very important, with Australians concerned about their superannuation, gold and why the government can’t print money.

Questions about the nation tended to ask why Australia gave aid, will the Australian dollar rise and how can Australia improve its economy being among the most searched terms.

Clearly the economy is a huge concern throughout Australia with the keywords ‘Australia expensive’ hitting a 5 year high.

 Michael Costin, Director said, “Data can show us a lot in business and the political world. By understanding what Australians are searching for it can give us a better idea about what the key issues will be in an election year”.

When Bill Shorten proposed changes to Negative Gearing in February 2016 there was a huge spike in searches involving the term.

With Australians wondering everything from what it is to whether it was good or bad to questions asking if it will be outlawed, it shows this key issue has been poorly explained.

Searches surrounding marijuana legalisation have increased over the last year but the number of search terms involving medical marijuana was up 100% in a single year.

The  republic debate has continued online with the question ‘should Australia become a republic’ high on the autocomplete results.

The data has also shown that Australians interest in government data collection schemes has decreased rapidly since new laws were introduced last October.

Owning hamsters, hosting Eurovision and Australia’s poor Netflix library were some of the more light-hearted of the most searched terms throughout the nation.

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