New SEO firm to help companies secure more business

The launch of new website SEO Direct aims to help firms, both small and large, secure new business by supporting their online operations with a range of SEO services. With more business taking place online and customers researching products and services, SEO Direct aims to help companies reach the first page of search engines to maximise traffic.   

Search is still the number one driver of traffic to content, making it an important area for businesses to invest in if they hope to take advantage of online customers. Three quarters of online users never scroll past the first page of search results meaning it is imperative for businesses to have an SEO strategy in place to establish themselves as an authority in their sector.

Adam Smith, Director of Marketing at SEO Direct, said, “The digital age means businesses need to evolve and adapt their marketing strategy to reflect their customers shopping habits. Consumers and businesses alike now research products and services online before making a purchasing decision and businesses need to be easily accessible to get noticed in the competitive business world. At SEO Direct we create value for our clients by developing innovative campaigns following the best SEO practices.”

London based SEO Direct supports businesses that want to boost leads, sales and profits by ranking their site higher on search engines. The team of world class professionals deliver real, tangible results, a high return on investment and a fast-responding customer service team.

SEO Direct provides an all-inclusive array of services allowing businesses to access all the SEO work they need from one knowledgeable team. The services on offer from the company include content creation, keyword research, link building and competitor research. Using a combination of SEO Direct’s offerings can support businesses in achieving their long-term objectives and successfully growing their customer base.

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SEO Direct is an all-inclusive array of professional SEO services, social media optimisation and SEO consultancy to support businesses in getting on the first page of search engines. The company uses white-hat based SEO techniques to ensure durable results. 



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