New Service Offers Cash for Britain’s Two Million Computers Thrown Out Each Year

UK firms struggling to monetise their unwanted computers and laptops will be able to turn the unused equipment into cash from this week with the help of a brand new website. provides WEEE approved IT disposal and recycling, providing a financial incentive to any office with discarded computers and laptops to responsibly and ethically dispose of technology that is no longer required.

The new site is the brainchild of the successful consumer gadget recycling brand, Dineromob. Its move into the corporate market means local businesses around the country can get paid for upgrading their computer equipment while keeping on the right side of government e-waste directives. Businesses with laptops or desktops, networking equipment, monitors, printers and photocopiers to sell simply log on, upload a description of the machines to be recycled, arrange a date for secure collection and then get paid. Any data on the computers is securely removed and the equipment either refurbished and reused or broken down into component parts and recycled.

Mark Schneider from said, “After successfully recycling thousands of personal electronic items, we realised that many businesses in the UK face a tougher time of it when it comes to making way for new computer equipment. With technology advancing at lightening speed and a new computer with new capabilities often representing an immediate competitive advantage, clearing desk space and remaining environmentally responsible can represent something of a headache. Our research revealed that for small and medium sized companies, it was often cheaper to leave equipment gathering dust in a cupboard because local authorities prohibit computers being discarded with general waste. Our computer recycling solution complies with the WEEE directive which governs how electrical and electronic waste should be recycled and pays a cash fee to the company for the equipment which can be used to offset the cost of IT upgrades.”

Experts calculate that around two million fully functioning computers are thrown out each year in the UK. The Health and Safety Executive also estimates that discarded computers make up a significant portion of the two million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment discarded by companies and households around the country each year. The new computer and laptop recycling service from meets tough EU e-waste rules known as the WEEE directive.

Mr Schneider added., “When Cash for Laptops purchases any electronic device, each item will be recycled properly according to the environmental legislation. Sometimes older items are refurbished and reused in places such as schools in developing countries. IT Equipment that cannot be reused is broken down into its component parts to be recycled. We remain fully compliant with the WEEE Directives.”

The service also offers secure data removal with all files and information deleted from the machine using CESG or US DoD approved wiping services for UK businesses. The methods used completely remove any stored data so that it is no longer retrievable and hard drives which cannot be refurbished are shredded before they are recycled. Businesses also receive a full asset tracking and audit facility.

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About Cash For Laptops: Cash for Laptops is a UK based IT recycling company which pays cash for old IT & Telco Equipment. The company is in full compliance with the WEEE Directives and observes secure data removal procedures. Cash for Laptops provides an environmentally responsible way of getting rid of laptops and IT equipment in a responsible manner. This is especially useful for those who like to upgrade periodically. It gives consumers and businesses the opportunity of recycling unused or older computers rather than just allowing them to sit around and gather dust or take up space.