New Slimming Spray Launches to Help Dieters Achieve Weight Loss Goals in 2015

Now Slim Oral Spray is sprayed under the tongue for super quick absorption and is packed with luxurious Saffron and three other top slimming ingredients

A revolutionary new slimming product containing the world's most expensive herb launches this week to help New Year dieters get their weight loss resolutions off to a running start. Now Slim Oral Spray has been developed by a UK company to offer Brits a totally different way to lose weight. Designed to be sprayed under the tongue for the fastest absorption into the body, the great tasting raspberry flavour of Now Slim Oral Spray helps to keep hunger pangs at bay, giving dieters the help they need to stay on track shedding the pounds. As well as the raspberry flavour and a trio of top slimming ingredients, the spray also uses Saffron, which has been proven to help with appetite control by increasing serotonin levels, stimulating the same great feeling experienced after eating.

The launch of Now Slim Oral Spray comes as millions of people resolve to enjoy a fitter, happier and healthier 2015. According to the latest research from iGlobalWellness, 95% of Brits endeavour to keep New Year’s resolutions, with weight loss goals topping the list - yet a study conducted by Channel 4 revealed that the majority of people abandon their good intentions within a month or less. Now Slim Oral Spray can help the UK get 2015 off to a healthy start with an innovative appetite suppression formula containing clinically proven ingredients. Fast acting and convenient, Now Slim Oral Spray is an essential addition to any dieters kit bag or pocket.

Developed by a Scottish based slimming company Now Slim, the oral spray is quick, simple and easy to use. Customers simply spray the formula under the tongue three to four times a day to effectively curb the appetite. The under the tongue application ensures the formula is quickly absorbed into the body, helping it get to work right away. The delicious raspberry flavour is utterly enjoyable, meaning no more swallowing of pills.

As part of its study iGlobalWellness asked a diverse group of participants to reveal what topped their New Year’s resolution lists. Losing weight was the clear-cut winner with getting fit and adopting healthier eating habits coming in at second and third respectively. This growing awareness for healthier living is admirable yet due to hectic lifestyles and chilly winter weather the majority of weight loss resolutions soon get swept under the rug.     

Eric Remocker, Director of Product Development said, “Weight loss goals are one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions however they’re also one of the hardest to keep. In 2015 we’re helping Brits make healthy lifestyle changes with our patent pending formula containing the world’s most effective slimming ingredients.”

Now Slim Oral Spray is a UK first and offers Brits a chance to shed unwanted weight once and for all. The revolutionary product has been developed by an expert team of weight loss specialists and contains four of the world’s most powerful natural slimming ingredients along with Saffron.

Native to Asia, Australia, Africa, and Polynesia, garcinia cambogia inhibits fat producing enzymes and increases neurotransmitter serotonin levels to neutralise appetite and cravings. Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract mimics the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet while Acai high fiber and essential fatty acid content helps the body burn fat, cut down cravings and boost the metabolism. As the world’s most expensive herb saffron actively increases serotonin levels and helps to suppress the appetite. All have been scientifically proven to drastically boost the weight loss process. Thanks to the use of a clinically proven ingredient delivery method the elements are absorbed by the body in the fastest time possible.

Based in Glasgow, Now Slim boasts over 15 years experience in diet and weight loss. Now Slim Oral Spray is the group’s latest patent pending product which is set to transform the lives of health oriented Brits. As the UK gets ready to ring in the New Year Now Slim Oral Spray is set to be the go-to product for people wanting to make a positive lifestyle change in 2015.

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About Now Slim Oral Spray: Based in Glasgow, Now Slim Oral Spray is a revolutionary patent pending product with powerful appetite suppressing properties. The formula contains four scientifically proven slimming ingredients - garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, acai and saffron.