New start-up directs A-Level students to career success

As the time for A-Level students to confirm their desired universities and courses gets underway, a fresh start-up career website,, is helping to make that all important decision, easier.

Tens of thousands of A-Level students are currently preparing their university applications for entry in 2017. Choosing the right undergraduate course has never been so important, playing a pivotal role for many students’ future careers. helps by providing knowledge on a range of professional careers from a variety of industries, in a simple and modern format. Industry experts such as Solicitors, Creative Directors and Quantity Surveyors have all given inside knowledge to their roles and their top tips for young prospects. A clever feature of the website is the ability to search careers via degree tags. In addition to its career progression chart showing entry routes and future aspirations, it gives A-Level students clear indication of what degree to choose to achieve their dream career.

A university graduate himself, founder and creator, Yazid Lallmahomed, stresses the importance of early career planning. “From personal experience, it’s the worst feeling heading into the graduate market without clear direction. I lost years figuring out what I wanted to do and how to achieve it, due to the long, overly complicated advice that was online. It is easy to fall into a boring job and settle for a less than fulfilling career, we are here to help prevent that!” does well to give A-Level students a head-start in the graduate market, providing only the most valuable and concise career information for its users. Students can find careers that match their own skills and characteristics, which will appeal to the many employers, looking to recruit only the best talent for internships and summer placements. As the graduate market gets increasingly competitive, choosing the most relevant degree and gaining early work experience could be the deciding factor between students achieving their dream career or not.

The website could not come at a more perfect time. With talks of university tuition fees increasing even further, there’s further pressure to make the most out of university. Still, Yazid has high hopes for A-Level students. “Despite the tuition fees, completing a degree still remains one of the best opportunities to achieve your dream career. The main problem has been the lack of expert, concise and relevant advice for today’s students, which has resulted in degrees being wasted. That’s what we’re here to change!”

Yazid Lallmahomed
Tel: 07506 224535

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