New start-up leads the way for A-Level career advice

A fresh start-up career website,, aims to guide A-Level students to their dream careers, based on its bright new approach to provide real insight from real professionals.

Across the nation, thousands of students are receiving their A-Level results, hoping to gain entry to their destined university. Whilst every year the graduate job market gets increasingly competitive, the importance of making the right choices for students early on, becomes more significant.

The website helps by providing knowledge on a range of professional careers from a variety of industries. Industry experts such as Veterinary Surgeons, Creative Directors and Quantity Surveyors have all given inside knowledge to their roles and their top tips for young prospects. With the ability to search careers via its clever degree and personality tags, it makes it easy for students to decide on a career and then have an action plan to how to achieve it.

A university graduate himself, founder and creator, Yazid Lallmahomed, knows all too well the difficult life for students making poor choices. “My friend had aspirations of becoming an Architect and studied Architectural Venue Design at university. When he chose his degree, he didn’t know that he needed to study Architecture to become an official Architect. He wasted 4 years and now is only just starting his Architecture degree.” does well to eliminate that issue, providing only the most valuable and concise career information for its users. For a student to demonstrate the key skills, characteristics and prerequisites as the website displays, will appeal to the many employers, looking to only recruit the best talent for internships and summer placements. A critical component in getting a head-start after university.

It’s just what the current higher education climate needs. Under the £9,000 tuition fees regime, graduates in 2015 owed an average of £44,000. With talks of tuition fees increasing even further, there’s further pressure to make the most out of university. Still, Yazid has high hopes for A-Level students. “Despite the tuition fees, completing a degree still remains one of the best opportunities to achieve your dream career. The main problem has been the lack of expert career advice for students, which has resulted in degrees being wasted. That’s what we’re changing.”

To find out more about Robin Could and even discover your dream career, go to via mobile, desktop or tablet.

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