New study finds female gamers turned off hobby - offers family friendly environment

Female gamers who have been deterred by sexist remarks and threats from opposition players are invited to join the family friendly community that is encouraged at Following on from a recent study, highlighting the problem of sexual abuse towards women in the gaming environment, free to use online website shows unity towards those effected by negative comments, and aims to help those women feel confident and get back into gaming by welcoming them to their safe and friendly platform.

A culture of ‘trash talk’ is prevalent within many popular games in which players connect with others from around the globe. Talking the opposition down and celebrating personal victory can boost an individual’s morale and be a part of the battling game play experience. More often than not however this can turn toxic, bordering the line between harmless fun and spiteful abuse. Although this experience is not enjoyable, women were likely to shake off generalised insults once they left the gaming environment.  A recent study by Ohio State University has revealed that when these comments turn more targeted, with gendered generalisations, this is highly likely to push female gamers away from ever returning to their online communities again. 

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Sadly, this culture of negative comments from the online gaming community is highly prevalent, and has even become expected by many. When the comments are general, it is easier to shake them off as something said in the heat of the moment. A targeted attack however, addressing victims as women specifically rather than players, in inexcusable. At our priority is to create a gaming platform built around family friendly ethics. All our games are fully licensed and are totally free to play, resulting in a welcoming community of gamers being built around this. Discrimination of any kind is not accepted and we hope that anyone who feels turned off by their past experiences can feel confident in the fact that things are different, at” 

The premier gaming site covers a huge range of entertaining titles - from shooting and arcade to puzzle and hidden object games, there is something available to suit the taste of any female gamer who is considering joining the thousands of others play happily on

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