New supper club and food stall offers vegans delicious burgers

In the UK more than 1.2 million people follow a vegetarian or vegan diet but food offerings at street food stalls and restaurants can often be disappointing. That’s set to change with the launch of a vegan supper club and a residency at a street food market by Vegan Burgers.   

Vegans can now try an organic and healthy burger that doesn’t fail to live up to expectations in London. Food lovers can try one of Vegan Burger’s tasty dishes at a supper club, where they’ll enjoy a four course vegan meal, including delicious appetisers, diary free milkshakes, a vegan dessert and of course the firm’s outstanding quinoa and black bean burger.

The supper club is held at The Joker, Islington, and guests can socialise, dance and have a drink after the meal with a DJ set playing until late. Vegan Burgers can also be found on Fridays at the trendy Ely’s Yard Street Food Market where those browsing the stalls and shops around the market can now be sure of a vegan-friendly option that delivers on taste too. The supper club can be found on Eventbrite, under Vegan Supper Club.

John Lopez, Founder of Vegan Burger, said, “We’re thrilled that more people in the UK are choosing a vegan lifestyle but the food available often doesn’t live up to expectations. We aim to change that with our food stall and supper club that promises to deliver on flavours too.

“Vegan burgers are often associated with being dry, tasteless and fake but that’s not the case anymore with our 100% tasty and delicious option. Our quinoa and black bean burgers certainly aren’t boring and can be enjoyed by everyone. With our new supper club and residency at Ely’s Yard Street Food Market, it’s easier to get your hands on healthy, vegan fast food when you’re in London.”

Vegan Burger uses only 100% plant based ingredients to create its burgers, shunning the use of processed mock or soya meat. The product is healthy and perfect for those eating clean as it is organic and contains no preservatives.

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Vegan Burgers provides burgers from its food stalls across London. The company’s burgers are 100% plant based with no processed mock or soya meat and are free from preservatives. 



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