New vitamin patch boosts energy day and night

A creative option for delivering the vitamin needed to boost energy levels and keep us going day and night has launched in the UK. The B On 1 patch gives wearers a boost that will keep working for a 24-hour period, even after long days, late nights and a cheeky glass or two.

The patch is a unique solution which promises to keep even the busiest of users fuelled for the day, active and in high spirits even when the demands of work, home and social schedules would typically lead to feelings of tiredness and lethargy. By delivering the B1 vitamin directly into the body’s system, the patch helps those drinking alcohol to keep going all night and reduce hangovers the next day.

Matt Smart, Managing Director of B On 1, said, “Modern life is often busy, social and active but it can leave us feeling exhausted and tired, having a negative impact on productivity and concentration. The innovative B On 1 patch can deliver a much needed energy boost whatever you’re doing. They are great accessory to use if you’re going for a night out too – it will mean you have a great night and even better morning. By delivering the vitamins you need throughout the night, you will feel the benefits when you wake up the next morning.”

The B On 1 patch allows for small doses of Thiamin, commonly known as vitamin B1, to enter directly into the bloodstream as and when the body needs it. B On 1 testing shows this is a much more effective method of delivery for vitamins and nutrients, compared to the typical method of swallowing a capsule or pill which needs to pass through the digestive system before its benefits can be felt.

All B vitamins, including Thiamin, help to produce energy and metabolize fats. B-complex vitamins also help the nervous system to function properly and are needed for good brain function and a healthy liver, skin, hair and eyes.

Users of the B On 1 patch simply need to apply the patch topically to the skin and leave it on for the next 24 hours. Those planning a night out involving alcohol they should apply it 30 minutes before drinking.

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B On 1 sells vitamin patches for consumers to give them a boost and help them stay productive and focussed throughout the day and during the next. The patch delivers Thiamin, also known as vitamin B1, over a 24-hour period. 



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