New Wallrock Thermal Liner Launches at Go Wallpaper with 36% Reduction in Heat Loss

Brains meet beauty in the interiors space this month thanks to the launch of the all new Wallrock Thermal Liner, a technologically advanced lining paper for walls which reduces heat loss by as much as 36% and sound transference by 35%, at wallpaper haven Go Wallpaper. The heavy duty liner is paired perfectly with Arthouse, a covetable collection of designer paper with trend-led patterns in the season’s hottest hues.

Beautiful retreats that make a style statement begin with Wallrock Thermal Lining, a smart lining paper with strong energy saving and insulating credentials. The 3mm thick lining paper has a layer of Wallrock Fibreliner at its core and is backed with a high-spec thermal insulating material to fight draughts and help the room retain more heat. When Wallrock is used to line walls ahead of wallpaper being applied, the room heats up much quicker than would otherwise be the case. The use of Wallrock is shown to reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter months, helping to reduce heating bills.

Proven to reduce heat loss by more than a third, Wallrock Thermal Liner also provides a smooth surface for decorating and protects against damp and mould. What’s more, it will offer measurable protection against loud noises which threaten stylish sanctuaries at the end of a busy day. Lab tests show a reduction in sound transference at 2000hz (the level of a TV or radio), and reduction at 4000hz (a loud vacuum or busy main road). 

Nigel Poole, CEO at Go Wallpaper said, “Wallrock Thermal Liner is a real revelation for decorating professionals. It does so much more than a traditional lining paper, pulling double duty by providing a smooth surface from which to hang Wallrock Fibreliner and other non-woven wallpapers. As well as insulating against heat loss, damp and excessive noise.”

Infused with statement colours and flaunting a strong design ethos, the new Arthouse Wallpaper collection is the perfect companion to rooms lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner. In classic and contemporary shades, the stellar Arthouse collection of wall coverings is statement making epitomised. Perfect for a feature wall, stand out choices include modern tartans and elegant stripes, uber cool flamingos in six different colour ways, feathers, florals, cityscapes and even graffiti laden.

The boutique style wallpapers can be used anywhere in the home. Each design is supplied on a 10 metre roll to cover an area of 5.2 square metres. All are designed to be applied by pasting the paper before hanging.

Nigel Poole said, “With pops of colour and masses of sassy style, the Arthouse Collection is chic and sophisticated. It’s beautifully high quality and when applied on top of the Wallrock Thermal Liner guaranteed to create a cosy and welcoming space. Whether it’s for a home office, lounge, hallway or bedroom the duo work harmoniously to retain heat and reflect personality.”

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