New Window Solution by BlindSides Puts an End to Unwanted Light in the Bedroom

Sleep becomes easier this week thanks to an innovative new product launch that keeps rooms dark when the sun is shining. Designed to snuff out slivers of light that seem to creep through even the most bespoke of blackout shades, BlindSides are subtle, stylish and designed to instil a seriously good slumber. 

The vast majority of people choose to sleep in a fully darkened room and would prefer it to remain this way until they get up. Moreover, many parents also try to keep their children’s rooms as dark as possible in order to encourage longer and deeper sleeps. Due to early morning sunrises, late twilight times, blazing street lights and other unavoidable factors, many households don’t enjoy the luxury of bedrooms with sleep-inducing darkness on demand. Until now.

One of the most popular ways to darken a room is to install blackout blinds yet despite their name, many still let in slivers of light down each side. This means homeowners have to resort to their own haphazard and untidy methods of keeping the room dark. From tape, cardboard, towels and newspaper, none are ideal. BlindSides presents a solution to the problem that’s easy, instant and above all, affordable.

BlindSides’ new product has been developed to address the issue of unwanted light quickly and easily. Sold in pairs, BlindSides columns are portable, effective and easy to use. They simply hook over the top of an existing roller blind to bridge the gap between the material and the wall. This blocks out any light slipping through the sides of the existing blind to create a totally dark space. It’s a simple and cost effective way to ensure an uninterrupted slumber. 

Jenny Leahy of BlindSides said, “Having purchased black out roller blinds for my children's bedrooms I was really disappointed that they still let in light down either side. I searched for something to cover the gap but came up empty handed and eventually worked up my own design. I soon realised that what I had made could actually be a product of use to other people - parents who want to ensure their children’s rooms are as dark as possible or in fact anyone who likes to sleep in a properly dark room. And so BlindSides was born!”

Thanks to their easily adjustable design, BlindSides can be snugly fitted to almost any roller blind. A weight sits at the bottom of each BlindSide to keep it in place and ensure that no light slips through. Another stand-out feature of the product is its remarkable portability. The lightweight design and flexibility makes them ideal for taking on holidays. Whether it’s honeymooners wanting to enjoy a lazy morning, parents determined to keep the sleeping patterns of their little ones in sync or a business traveller trying to fight off jetlag, BlindSides are the solution.  

BlindSides is currently a patent pending product, with exclusive rights set to be issued in 2016. It has also been selected as one of the final three products to be stocked in more than 40 stores nationwide by JoJo, subject to a public vote and buyer’s panel verdict.

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Founded by Mumpreneur Jenny Leahy, BlindSides is a simple, easy and cost effective solution for dark rooms. Available in pairs, the products hook over the top of existing roller blinds and create a barrier between the material edge and the wall. This blocks out any slivers of light and ensures that rooms are kept in complete darkness. They can be fitted in a matter of seconds and are light enough to take on holidays, business trips or other journeys.