New Year Spells Website Revamp And Tastier Services Menu For Pop Up Cookspace

The UK’s leading designer of mobile mini-kitchens and bespoke cookery spaces has rung in the New Year with an up-to-the-minute website revamp and the introduction of some tantalising new services. With a focus on style, quality and functionality, Pop Up Cookspace has quickly materialised as the go-to group for industry pros including chefs and food brands and on the search for a straightforward, stress-free yet impressive plug and play minikitchen, on-the-go.

Simple, streamlined and easy to use, the new Pop Up Cookspace website serves browsers up an inherently user friendly experience. As well as listing services the site also offers styling ideas, event inspiration and an overview of its VIP appearances.

Caroline Santos, creative consultant, said, “After commissioning a new manufacturer we felt it was time to mark the milestone with a site overhaul and the roll out of some exciting new service options. Now, clients enjoy an enhanced online experience as well as an even greater range of service options.”

Fresh ingredients, unique flavours and creative cooking are rapidly gaining momentum across the nation. In fact, consumer attitudes towards cooking have seriously blossomed over the past few years. Fuelled by wildly popular TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off and Heston’s Feasts, Statista revealed that 68% of Brits enjoy cooking and creating great meals while 82% consider meals as an important part of family time.  In turn, this has seen the demand for live cookery demonstrations skyrocket. Pop Up Cookspace is helping reignite that nation’s love for home cooking with its beautiful mobile mini-kitchens tailor made to cater for the needs of creative cookery demonstrations.

The company’s products and services are used to support a myriad of foodie events including festivals, trade shows, product launches, retail marketing and cookery schools. Nationally adored celebrity chefs James Martin and Paul Rankin have already graced the benches of Pop Up Cookspace mini-kitchens while prestigious events such as Tesco Taste of Scotland and the Welsh Food Festival have also benefited from the company’s expertise. This year Pop Up Cookspace is offering its clients even more choice with the introduction of some exciting new services.

With a background in branding and interior design Pop Up Cookspace underpins every project with a focus on ‘setting the scene’ and creating audience engagement. Designers create environments from an experiential perspective which ensures that clients present memorable, inspiring and professional demonstrations.  From sleek and modern, rustic and earthy or colourful and fresh, the in-house team of designers is committed to helping every client create the perfect space. Health and safety features are integrated as standard which leaves chefs free to focus on their culinary creations.

Santos said, “Functionality is fundamentally important however Pop Up Cookspace also knows the absolute importance of incorporating styling and staging into every project. At the end of the day this is what allows a demonstration to capture the attention of an audience and inspire the imagination.”   

To find out more about Pop Up Cookspace mini kitchens or request a quote for a bespoke cookery space, visit the brand new website at:


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Designed from an experiential perspective, Pop Up Cookspace creates mini-kitchens and bespoke cookery spaces with a focus on style, quality and functionality. Its spaces are used for an array of different culinary applications including creative cookery demonstrations, food festivals, product launches, trade shows and retail marketing campaigns. The company has recently undergone a website revamp as well as introduced some exciting new items to its 2015 services menu.