New York artist to release her debut album Finally JNote after beginnings in gospel

A New York singer and songwriter is set to release her long overdue debut album, entitled Finally JNote, on September 11 2016. Stephanie Jeannot will be showcasing her unique style and beautiful vocals that take centre stage in every song on her new CD.

Throughout the album Stephanie demonstrates her versatility, effortlessly switching from heavenly harmonies reflecting her gospel beginnings to modern R&B that makes it clear she is a contemporary artist. The songs featured are inspired by those that have helped her on her journey and had faith in the music, artists that have influenced her throughout her music career, as well as her own experiences.

Stephanie Jeannot, singer and songwriter, said, “Finally JNote is perfect for my first album, it captures all the passion and enthusiasm I feel for music. The CD has a broad theme of love, from the butterflies felt when you first meet someone special right to when the relationship falls apart and you are saying goodbye, and these are elements everyone can relate to. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been singing and this project was always destined to happen. It took longer than I had planned but it’s worth waiting for and I’m proud of every single track on Finally JNote.”

The new album features seven original tracks from Stephanie, including two that she has written and produced herself. Drawing on personal experiences the songs offer emotional depth and an insight into the artist herself. Stephanie grew up in a religious and structured home and began singing at church when she was young before building on the skills and techniques she learnt there to forge a career in the music industry as she grew up.

While working in the industry as a choir director, voice instructor and professional singer, Stephanie has worked with several other musicians and producers, including Fred Simmons and Mike LeShore whose productions skills are featured on this album.

Finally JNote will be available to purchase on CDBaby and ITunes from September 11 2016.

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Stephanie Jeannot grew up in New York and is a vocalist and songwriter that started her musical journey at church from a young age. Since then she has directed choirs and worked as a group and private voice instructor and as a professional singer.

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