New York singer takes her beautiful vocals international with Russian tour

A New York born and bred singer and songwriter has expanded her audience by taking her stunning vocals to a new audience thanks to a Russian tour, including a performance at a jazz festival. Kicking off on 13 October and lasting over two weeks, Stephanie Jeannot will wow crowds in Russia as she sings songs from her album and showcases her beautiful voice.

The tour will see Jeannot travel around Russia performing at different clubs and venues with the highlight taking place at the Wilson Jazz Festival, in Perm, where an electric mix of artists with play over six days, with Jeannot performing on 15th October. Other cities the US singer will be visiting include Yaketarinburg, Krasnodar, Perm, and Rostov, to name just a few.  

Jeannot said, “Performing is one of the parts I love about being a singer, it’s such a thrill to sing to a live audience and see their reaction to the songs you’ve created that show off a bit of yourself and your experiences. Touring means I get to meet even more people from around the world and expand beyond the New York music scene. The Wilson Jazz Festival looks amazing an I’ll be taking in the other performances and having a great time as well as singing myself before taking to other venues around Russia as part of my tour too.”

Jeannot released her long awaited debut album – Finally JNote – in September. The soulful and contemporary vibe of the musical collection perfectly blends the harmonies of the artist’s gospel beginnings with a modern and versatile style. The album features seven original songs that draw on Jeannot’s personal experiences giving her performances an emotional depth and individual attitude that can’t be replicated. The CD’s theme of love, from the beginnings of a relationship to connections falling apart, covers many aspects of life that listeners will relate to.  

Jeannot has a wealth of experience operating in the musical industry, previously working as a choir director and voice instructor before turning her attention to becoming a professional singer and performer.

Stephanie Jeannot’s tour began on October 13th and continues until October 29th to find out more about the artist and where she’ll be performing visit

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Stephanie Jeannot grew up in New York and is a vocalist and songwriter that started her musical journey at church from a young age. Since then she has directed choirs and worked as a group and private voice instructor and as a professional singer. 


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