Newly Launched ‘Icebreaker App’: Voice Candy

New to the scene, VoiceCandy promises no more awkward silences...

The newly launched VoiceCandy app is revolutionising the way Londoners are breaking the ice and meeting new people. Use the app to ask an icebreaker question and hear spontaneous replies from people nearby. VoiceCandy is free to download and currently available for iOS, get it on iTunes now.

Awkward silences don’t exist in the world of VoiceCandy, it’s here to help you make a grand entrance and find likeminded people in your location. Need a question answered? Whether you’re looking for opinions on London’s best bars or restaurants, tips for days out and exhibitions, the quickest way from A to B or just to share opinions VoiceCandy can help you out. It’s a great way to get a new perspective and find people with shared interests. It’s amazing how much you feel you know someone just by hearing their voice!

No re-recording , over-thinking or replaying, VoiceCandy has deliberately removed the psychological barriers that humans naturally have that can make them talk themselves out of situations and potential opportunities. VoiceCandy is about replying to and having a real conversation with as many people as possible.

Co-Founder, Manvir Nijhar said: “The goal is the put an end to missed opportunities, we’re taking a complicated situation like meeting someone new and simplifying it so people can succeed. We want to help connect new people by finding common ground quickly using voice clips to make these interactions”

VoiceCandy doesn’t allow users to hide behind profile pictures, so only real people with a voice and an opinion need apply. Download the app and pick a question to respond to – or even better, ask a question of your own! Like what you hear? Start a conversation.

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To find out more about VoiceCandy visit You can also find us on Facebook at or by following us on Twitter @VoiceCandyApp. 

More about VoiceCandy:

VoiceCandy is the product of three founders; Manvir Nijhar an investment banker, Mark Alexiou an award winning nighclub owner and Jasmir Nijhar the head of EU Search Experience for Ebay.

VoiceCandy was the product of all three founders sitting down and discussing the process of meeting new people and how to initiate conversations as well as how awkward and challenging it can be. The Founders felt that people over think the process and end up failing. Hence they decided that they wanted to create a way to go back to basics and present people with a simpler way to break the ice.

Whether it's to make friends, be entertained or just to talk to new people, VoiceCandy presents an opportunity every time and has something for everyone . London is set as the location of choice for the initial launch with plans to move into other major cosmopolitan European cities with diverse populations soon.



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