Newtonstein Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Innovative Onion Slicer Product

A cutting-edge product design group is putting an end to tears in the kitchen with the launch of an innovative new product called Rouncer. Developed by Newtonstein, the patented design can dice and slice onions in just five seconds – without the need to peel. To fund the development of Rouncer, Newtonstein has launched a Kickstarter campaign calling on pledgers to support the cause. Quick, simple and all kinds of convenient, the Rouncer is set to emerge as a must have tool for everyone's daily kitchen needs.

A spokesman for the company said, “At Newtonstein we live and breathe innovation and are constantly developing unique products that push the boundaries of what’s normal. We asked ourselves what one of the major challenges faced by everyday people was and came up with a unanimous answer – chopping onions! After a huge amount of time in the engineering stages, we’ve finally developed a prototype product and are calling on the help of the public to help propel Rouncer into the kitchens of chefs across the globe.”

For centuries, amateur cooks and professional chefs alike have been plagued with the tear inducing task of preparing the humble onion. Newtonstein is putting an end to wet eyes with its novel new invention. The product features three stackable blade choices for the ultimate in ‘cut and go’ cooking. The 3mm thin onion slicer blade is great for barbecues, hot dogs, pizzas, pastas and salads while the 3mm and 6mm dicing blades are ideal for curries, sauces and more!

Using the Rouncer to prepare onions is wonderfully simple. Cooks simply chop the vegetable in half, place it in the Rouncer and voila! Tear free chopped or diced onions in seconds. A collection container houses the perfectly chopped onions which can then be easily thrown into the dishwasher.

According to a recent study from VoucherCodes, Brits spend a huge £29.4 billion on takeaways every year. This equates to a colossal 156 takeaways per person, per year. When asked to justify their taste for takeaway, many respondents cited laziness and lack of time as major contributors. Products such as Rouncer are helping get Brits back in the kitchen with their incredible efficiency and time saving characteristics.

In return for contributions Newtonstein is offering pledgers various different rewards. Pledges of $1 or more will receive virtual recognition on the ‘Thank You Wall’ of the website. The first 100 pledges of $8 or more will be given the chance to order Rouncer for just $8 + FREE shipping while pledges of $500 or more will receive a limited edition Rouncer featuring their name and inventor's signatures, an exclusive Newtonstein beach towel and personal ‘thank you’ call. Those pledging $2000 or more will have their name placed on the Rouncer packaging as well as both Rouncer designs and a branded beach towel. 

The company is hoping to raise $20,000 to fund a starting order of 10,000 pieces.

Every item is crafted using the highest quality DEHP free non-toxic plastic and comes with a money back guarantee. Rouncer is also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe for the ultimate in kitchen convenience. Rouncer is available in three fabulous colours - Flaming Flamenco, Autumn Lemon and The Old Grey.

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About Rouncer: Developed by product design group Newtonstein, Rouncer is a unique new invention designed to make preparing onions easy. In just five seconds, Rouncer is able to chop or slice the tear inducing bulb to perfection. The product features three stackable blade options to create perfectly chopped or sliced onions with zero tears.