NHS workers’ workloads can be streamlined with scanning technology

It’s no secret that NHS staff are currently under an immense amount of pressure. With reports of failed targets, strikes and staffing issues, the NHS is at a crisis point. Pearl Scan, who are experts in document scanning, are highlighting the importance of data capture in helping to streamline the everyday duties of all NHS staff, to help create a more effective system.

A surge in patients visiting NHS units over the last couple of years has put both medical and administration staff under an unprecedented amount of pressure. Coupled with walk-outs by junior doctors over contract rows and an ever-increasing and aging population, the NHS’ struggle looks set to get worse before it gets better. Until relatively recently, the NHS has traditionally relied on paper documents to store and gather information on patients, however the developments in technology are now signalling a shift in tradition, with many NHS organisations realising the benefits of digital systems.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, said, “Doctors spend 'too long on admin duties, NHS staff are facing increasing demands from both their peers and patients alike. With so many people flocking through the doors on a daily basis, it can be a struggle to keep on top of patient records and ensure that everything is updated. Digitalising these documents is the most efficient way of ensuring that everything is kept up to date and is easily accessible by all involved.”

Once considered something of the future, Pearl Scan’s medical document scanning service has already helped thousands of NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, private medical trusts and dental surgeries improve their patient record keeping. With a target of being completely paperless by 2018, the NHS is facing a big task. Pearl Scan can help NHS foundations switch to a fully-digital record archive system thanks to its innovative scanning service. Covering all medical documents, such as patient files, X-rays, financial documents and invoices and other confidential correspondence, the technology allows them to benefit from fast and easy access to documents, secure backup systems and complete disaster recovery. Digitising these documents not only meets compliance standards, but also saves both time and money on administration, management and storage.

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