Norfolk photography Company release their 2015 calendar

Riarmato productions have released their 2015 calendar focusing on the beauty of the human body.

Riarmato Productions 2015 calendar was created to showcase the natural beauty that is the human form. The curves and lines of the human body are truly simplistic, yet breathtaking.

Based on the success and positive reception of their 2014 calendar which was presented in late 2013, the production company decided to continue the tradition and create one for the year of 2015.

The 2015 calendar features artistic nude photography without displaying explicit imagery. Using props, and various production and post-production techniques the calendar is meant to stand out and be different. The company are selling the calendar online on their website in three formats, a3, a4 and table top a5, and the project is currently on display at the Hamburg Gallery, at Hanse House in Kings Lyn.

Work on the project began in June 2014, and it was at this point that the casting process of both models and photographers was to begin. There were over 60 submissions from models all across the world, from which 13 were invited to participate. Since then, there have been 12 individual shoots at our studio producing 12 final images that are now the backbone of the calendar.

''The latest Riarmato calendar is an intriguing delight; a potent mix of nudes across genders and ages, clearly in admiration and respect for the human body in its many guises. Torsos, faces and limbs strike strong poses out of the darkness, the featured characters themselves a clear symbolic expression and celebration of what it is to be alive on this troubled Earth." - Phil Barrington an award winning artist, and PX3 Pri De La Photographie Paris nominee 2011.

Riarmato Productions is an international multi-media production company, based in West Norfolk, that specialises in the visual medium.  Read more at

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