NoteShel Post-It Note Storage Solution Set to Launch at London Stationery Show 2015

This year’s London Stationery Show will be packed with exciting products and innovative designs as always, but there’s one which has already caught the eye before its launch. The NoteShel is a dynamic new product which makes the act of note-taking easier than ever – and it’s set to be revealed for the first time at stand G111 of this year’s London Stationery Show.

NoteShel is the stylish yet protective all-in-one refillable Post-it® Note holder and pen, perfect for writing notes on the go. Designed for long-term use, the rubber case is perfect for keeping standard-sized Post-It Notes neat and secure – ideal for those who find themselves jotting down last-minute memos and to-do lists. The NoteShel is set to change the way we take notes and store them; no more crumpled papers at the bottom of a bag, and no more scrambling for spare paper when an important task arises.

Baldev Singh of NoteShel says, “We’re thrilled to be launching at the UK’s premier stationery event – it’s a real privilege. The NoteShel is set to become a must-have for all those who still prefer to jot things down in their own handwriting. From organised businessmen to stressed-out students during exam time, the NoteShel keeps important records, lists, numbers and memos safe and secure to ensure that they can be retrieved and added to with ease.”

Baldev adds, “We’ll be showcasing the NoteShel for the first time at the London Stationery Show – we’ll be situated at stand G111, so anyone hoping to get their hands on one of these note-taking must-haves should reserve their place and come along!”

In a world saturated with smartphones and tablet devices, all with sophisticated note-taking apps and programs, it is perhaps surprising that so many people still rely on their handwritten notes to remain organised and in-the-know. But there’s something unique and personal about writing, rather than typing a note – it commits the note to memory in a way that smartphone documents and online to-do lists haven’t quite managed.

The NoteShel provides the perfect platform for avid note-takers. The durable, protective casing keeps the sticky notes smooth and in one place for when you need them, and it comes with an equally stylish and distinctive premium pen, magnetically attached to the NoteShel to ensure that scrabbling in the bottom of your briefcase for a writing instrument will be a thing of the past.

Ergonomically designed to be the perfect accessory, whether sitting at a desk or stored in a pocket, the NoteShel makes note-taking not only more comfortable, but also more stylish. The product is available in five different colours (so users can’t get their notes mixed up with their colleagues) and is priced at just £15.00 – fully equipped with a refillable ball-point pen and sticky notepapers. 

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