Notorious Tantric Love Guru – Stella Ralfini – seeks additional participants for Channel 5 documentary…

Stella Ralfini, qualified couples therapist and tantric love guru, writer of Omtopia and Three Faces of Sex amongst other titles, will be conducting a Tantric Workshop filmed by Channel 5 where couples and singles seek relationship renewal and lovemaking advice under the able guidance of Stella.

Stella comments:

“After a tumultuous year during which began for me with enough negative publicity to sink the Titanic, I’m back to prove that with tough skin, perseverance and determination, the tide can turn. My error was a misjudged marketing campaign that was sadly misunderstood. However, like all pioneers I carried on and am pleased to report that Tantra is due for a comeback in a world sadly lacking in love.

“For some months I’ve had a weekly guest spot on popular Irish radio show The Crackedi. I’m in talks with a Greek TV channel to do a Tantra dating show series and next week I’m doing a documentary for Channel 5 which will see Tantra on mainstream TV in the UK.

“This Channel 5 doc presents me with a delicious challenge because I shall be teaching a workshop in London on Saturday 22ndNovember (2 hours) for over 60s.  These are people who know little or nothing about Tantra (totally new for me!) but are willing to see whether the workshop can bring them closer in love and renew the spark between them.

“So far I have a couple and two singles but would love to add another couple – And please know that whilst we touch on the subjects of lovemaking and sex, there is nothing in the workshop’s content to embarrass anyone.  I have actually created a brand new workshop for this Channel 5 doc to give a modern take on Tantra – so they can expect to rock n’roll and have a lot of fun as well as participating in traditional Tantra exercises.”

Participants will have their travelling expenses paid, plus they will receive signed copies of popular relationship books – Omtopia (The 7 steps to enlightenment) and lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex. 

Those interested should contact Stella directly at or through contact link at