NOW Foundation Launches in the UK Bringing Relief to Third World Countries

With currently more than 3 billion people living in poverty, and a further 1.3 billion living severely impoverished lifestyles, the need for intervention has never been greater. The NOW Foundation, founded in the UK in 2015, seeks to provide long-term sustainable relief to poverty stricken communities throughout central and western Africa and South East Asia. One of the main focuses of the NOW Foundation is the immediate implementation of sustainable water and food solutions, in order to provide relief to communities and help them to break out of the poverty cycle.

Today 783 million people worldwide do not have access to a sanitised water source, which leads to 6-8 million deaths annually. The NOW Foundation aims to ensure that every human being has access to a safe source of water, while also contributing to the prevention of starvation worldwide. Disadvantaged communities in the third world are regularly hindered from advancement, due to instances of natural disasters and periods of socio-economic uncertainty. The NOW Foundation’s two pronged approach seeks to provide both immediate aid relief, and the provision of a sustainable and enduring means of decreasing poverty around the globe.

Generous donations ensure that the NOW Foundation is able to implement its far reaching strategy of; educating local communities, providing them with a voice, providing relief, and contributing to long-term prevention strategies. The foundation’s humanitarian aid workers supply safe water and relief supplies including medical provisions, shelter and nutritious food packages. Emergency assistance includes water solutions and agricultural education, which has proven to be an invaluable resource particularly during instances of drought and famine.

NOW Foundation Founder and Chief Executive, Hannah A. Chinedu, commented that:

“If you look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the fundamental foundation on which individuals can build their sense of self-esteem and livelihood is being able to eat and drink. Whole communities have been stripped of this basic right – everyday people are struggling to find sanitary sources of water and sustainable sources of food. Families are being forced to drink unsafe water, becoming exposed to life-threatening viruses and diseases. Dehydration and hunger are real problems which need to be addressed today. We are called the NOW Foundation because people need us to act NOW, not later, and to support them to promote positive change. We’re thrilled to be able to start helping people in need around the world.”

Part of the NOW Foundation’s strategy is to build water holes and wells which provide local communities with a clean and consistent water source; which can last up to 30 years with minimum maintenance, or 10 year with no maintenance. In addition to holes and wells, the foundation provides water purification tablets; a groundbreaking innovation which improves the condition of unsanitary water by eliminating bacteria and viruses thus rendering it safe for human consumption. To combat famine, the NOW Foundation’s Agricultural Education Team educate communities and supply them with crop seeds, fertiliser and farming equipment in order to help them grow and maintain their own food sources.

With 840,000 preventable deaths occurring from unsafe water each year, the NOW Foundation seeks the assistance of groups and individuals seeking to get involved through donations, fundraising, volunteering, international opportunities and research projects. Members are invited to create their own campaigns and to invite friends and family to support the cause.

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About: Launched in 2015, the NOW Foundation is a new UK based charity designed to provide immediate, as well as lasting, relief to communities throughout central and western Africa and South East Asia. With a focus on providing sanitised water sources and food supplies, the NOW Foundation seeks to help people get involved via volunteering projects, both locally and abroad, fundraising projects and donations.