Nurses with Finger on the Pulse Give 600 Brits the Chance to Save Lives in First Year

A team of medical trainers is turning communities across the world into lifesavers. In the last 12 months, Pulse Medic Services has trained over 600 professionals and thousands of ordinary people in Britain to deliver the vital skills that can mean the difference between life and death. From humble beginnings in East London, the company not only train people across the UK but also impact lives internationally, by supporting lifesaving CPR training in disadvantaged areas of India and Trinidad.

Martin Anderson, Lead Trainer at Pulse Medic said, “At Pulse Medic we are at an exciting time - we have been running our services for a year now and have trained over 600 people in various fields all over the UK. In addition, we have secured advertising and publishing with two CCG’s, and continue to work with the British Heart Foundation to support free CPR training.”

With 150,000 people dying each year from situations where first aid knowledge could have saved their life, it is apparent that basic training could be the difference between life and death for family members, friends, colleagues, employees or strangers in the street. Pulse Medic is constantly going one step further to ensure it is providing world class training, by working closely with the PHD consultancy at two top universities to develop international novel approaches to CPR and AED training.

The London-based group is more than a First Aid training and consultancy company. Its remit is to train everyone in key skills as well as First Aid in the workplace and the community. In addition to providing lifesaving skills to businesses and communities, Pulse Medic also teaches resuscitation techniques to staff at NHS hospitals around the UK.

Pulse Medic is now working to provide FREE emergency lifesaving training to people in London through the British Heart Foundation's accredited Heartstart program. Nationally, Heartstart has trained more than 2.6 million people in communities and schools around the country to know what to do if someone suffers a heart attack or has been seriously hurt.

Funded via its professional work, Pulse Medic trainers are delivering free sessions in partnership with The British Heart Foundation. Time is of the essence in medical emergencies such as heart attacks, which is why Pulse Medic is committed to offering this free training – it’s at the heart of the company’s ethos.

In addition to providing free life saving techniques to all, Pulse Medic always go one step further. Not forgetting its London roots, the company is working with Love Literacy to support East London children in the learning of literacy.

Martin added, “It’s been a challenging year with the passing of one of our lead trainers, however we are looking forward to the exciting year ahead developing our grant pathway to support local clinicians in their chosen research field. Our phd research proposals have been successful with the help of Statos at the  PHD consultancy in London.

“We take pride in being more than simply a health care training provider.  We are number one for first aid training, CPR courses in london and ILS courses. The amazing community work we do couldn’t be done without our hardworking nurses, doctors, paramedics and sports therapists. Thanks to all the lead trainers and our admin team at LSBU; without you all Pulse Medic wouldn’t be possible.” 

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Pulse Medic workshops are delivered by qualified doctors, paramedics and nurses. The quality and depth of our training has seen us rise to be the UK’s leading provider of first aid courses, CPR training and AED training.