Office Plants Proven to Increase Productivity and Encourage Well-Being at Work

Leading research from different sources across the world, including a Harvard biologist, highlights the relationship between human beings and plants and the benefits of Biophilia - maintaining a natural human affinity with nature. Summer is the perfect time for businesses and schools to introduce nature into their working environments and reap the many advantages of bringing a little of the great outdoors inside.   

The findings state that those who spend a significant period of time with live plants reap numerous advantages, including cleaner air, when compared to their faux-plant counterparts. Office greenery is proven to relieve stress and increase productivity, and toxic air bound chemicals are transformed into food and energy by plants, making them an essential office accompaniment. SO Group UK, specialists in office services and maintaining environmentally friendly work spaces, is already ahead of the curve with their range of office-friendly flowers and plants available for delivery and their regular plant maintenance packages.

Bill Murray, CEO of So Group UK said, “These findings are so exciting because they emphasise what we know to be true. Many of us work away from nature in stagnant offices; these environments are unhealthy and don’t benefit us at all. When you introduce plants to the working environment, you reconvene with nature. All of the amazing natural benefits of being in a natural environment, such as cleaner air and relaxation, really boost the productivity and engagement of workers and let’s face it, make offices nicer places to be - especially in summer when we all want to be outside.”

Other heralded benefits include the reduction of carbon dioxide which is elevated in office environments leading to less drowsiness, stress reduction, inspired creativity and increased overall health. Rather than rushing to the local park for lunch, busy workers can remain inside and still be surrounded by flowers and flora. Reductions in stress, sickness and absenteeism as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing working environment are just some of the perks of adding plants to work spaces.

Mr Murray continued, “We are all highly attuned with nature so we really do feel the instant benefits when we bring nature inside. Fresh flowers promote the creativity, productivity, efficiency and moods of workers. The beautiful colours, the vibrant smells, they make the workspace and workers feel instantly happier. It’s also a great way for visitors to feel welcome and keep the air fresh and clean.

A touch of greenery is easy to add too. Depending on the space available, managers may wish to deck out their entire office or they may just want a subtle, small arrangement or even just a single flower on each table at a restaurant. It can be a dramatic change or a delicate touch – it’s whatever suits the business.”

Plants and flowers have also been shown to be highly beneficial in schools, where they boost the concentration levels and engagement of children in classrooms. The calming influence of nature boosts memory, accuracy and attention span whilst also making children happier, calmer and more positive. Nature teaches youngsters compassion, accelerates healing and promotes well-being, and all of these benefits are transferable to school lessons.

Hampshire’s go-to provider for office services has a full range of colourful plants and flowers for use in office and school environments, and provide regular expert maintenance programmes to ensure that they flourish forever. Concerns about allergies and maintenance are debunked with a range of synthetic flowers and plants that provide a lifelike alternative.

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