OmniCX Offers Integrated Omni-Channel Experience Across All Channels

The breakthrough digital commerce suite, OmniCX, has debuted its seamless omni-channel experience - available across all devices and platforms, creating a consistent experience for all end users.

The solution, which was developed after many years of research into digital commerce trends, is dynamically adaptive and responsive to all devices, which reduces the need for separate versions of code or device testing. As a result, businesses utilising OmniCX’s features have a much faster route to market, with a shorter testing period before deployment can take place.

With OmniCX, consumers are guaranteed the same consistent user experience, whether they’re using a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone or even a kiosk – something that can significantly enhance a company’s brand. Users are also able to pick up where they left off between devices, which can keep them on the path to purchases rather than forcing them to start over if they switch from a tablet to a smartphone, or a laptop to a tablet.

OmniCX CEO, Abhinav Pandey said, “In an age where more people access websites using mobile devices than static ones like desktops, it’s essential for all ecommerce businesses to have a responsive, dynamic website. Anything less than a fully responsive site could result in businesses losing custom, as their potential customers struggle with navigation and checkout processes.

 “OmniCX offers the ability to create these responsive websites right out of the box, which in turn decreases the time it takes to get a website through the testing phase and into deployment. There’s no need to extensively test the website on an array of devices before pulling the trigger – ecommerce sites built with OmniCX are guaranteed to be compatible right from the word ‘go’, creating a seamless, consistent experience for all users.”

Research from Gartner found that more than 90% of organisations don’t have a formal strategy in place to ensure that the content they’re producing is consistent across all customer touch points. But delivering this kind of unified experience can give businesses a competitive advantage, especially if they’re the only ones if their industry doing so.

With OmniCX making a name for itself as an essential tool for ecommerce business owners, the team behind the suite will be appearing at Ecommerce Expo, which takes place on 28-29 September at Olympia London. OmniCX customers will be speaking at the expo, providing their own testimonials on how the digital platform has helped them grow their online business, and delegates will be able to book a demo to see the benefits of OmniCX for themselves.

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